Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Will Waxman Impeach Obama?

Congressman Henry Waxman joined Congress in 1974, an acolyte of the liberal caucus in California, a pal of UCLA fellow-grad Howard Berman, and part of the massive wave of Democrats who filled Washington following the watershed Watergate scandal. After nearly forty years in office, it appears that Congressman Henry Waxman has become part of the same crony-corruption which he and his Democratic colleagues had entered to combat. Refusing to stand up to corporate interests, his hearing into smoking, climate change, and health care have furthered the interests of moneyed interests, while the truly "special interest" of the voters remains of little interest to Waxman. Just ask the tens of thousands of homeless veterans still waiting for a home at the Brentwood VA, or the tens of thousands who are enduring rising health care premiums, in spite of the ObamaCare promise to lower costs, increase access, and do both without raising taxes.

Of particular note to see how Waxman went from "outsider" to "insider", one should refer to a little-known townhall meeting in West Los Angeles. In December 2007, then-Oversight Committee Chairman Congressman Henry Waxman attended a town hall meeting sponsored by left-leaning interests in West Los Angeles. In a matter of minutes, the members of the audience excoriated Waxman for refusing to sponsor or endorse articles of impeachment against President George W. Bush. He refused to support articles of impeachment, and he candidly admitted voting for bills which he does not read.

(See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wei_hJdwkxY for more information)

For the record, the oft-repeated, now retired cliche: "Bush lied. People died" has been decisively discredited. Shortly after the Wikileak cables were leaked, diplomatic communiques indicated that the Hussein regime did have extensive chemical weapons supplies and capabilities, which Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is using against his own people today.

Today, President Obama is facing a growing backlash for increasing abuses of federal power. In Operation Fast and Furious, federal officials sold guns to illegal purchasers along the Southwestern border in order to track down Mexican drug cartels. Those guns were involved in numerous crimes, including deaths of federal agents. One September 11, 2012, armed terrorists attack the United States Embassy in Benghazi, Libya, in which four state department officials, including the US Ambassador, were killed. The administration's talking points on the attack changed frequently, suggesting that an unplanned demonstration exploded into violence outside of the consulate. Democrats and Republicans decry a lying "cover-up". National media outlets have confirmed that the IRS was targeting conservative groups with the name "TEA Party" or patriot, or any institution hostile to Big Government".

Republican President Richard Nixon faced impeachment for obstruction of justice and IRS abuse, and even his fellow Republicans pressured Nixon to resign. The first African-American who was popularly elected, Republican Edward Brooke of Massachusetts, was one of the first US Senators to talk with Nixon and nix his resistance to staying in office.

Democratic President Clinton faced impeachment because he lied under oath to a grand jury. Most people get house arrest and a huge fine, to say the least, when they lie under oath about anything. Despite the upheaval in the last days of 1998, and the protracted trial in the US Senate the following year, Democrats voted along party lies to preserve their President, in spite of his perversions, both public and private.

It’s 2013, and President Obama faces a score of scandals, a veritable school for any executive, current or forthcoming, of the damages which follow when claiming that disturbing trends in one's administration have come to light only through press reports. President Obama's incompetence in mitigating these incoming compromises of national security and federal integrity should be enough to move any Congressman, Democrat or Republican, to investigate or at least initiative articles of impeachment against President Obama and his executive deputies. Apart from current Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-La Jolla), very few House Reps are leading the fight to take on the ongoing outrageous overreaches of the Obama Administration. Where is Henry Waxman, the “Eliot Ness of the House of Representatives”, who went after the Bush Administration for waste and fraud during the War in Iraq? Where is the Congressman who claimed that lead in toys and steroid abuse in baseball posed a major threat to our youth? Where is the man who “apologized” for the green tech subsidies like Solyndra, all of which subsidized Obama supporters at the expense of taxpayers? Aside from defending himself from any connections to those failed companies, Congressman Henry Waxman has said nothing.

Waxman went to Congress following the immoral and unethical ravages of the Nixon Administration. Yet Congressman Waxman refuses to demonstrate his solidarity with the people whom he represents, and he will not sponsor articles of impeachment against President Obama for his high crimes and misdemeanors. Will he “show some spine” this time, or will he merely toe the lie as a mouthpiece of an administration whose corruption, cronyism, and moral capitulation rival previous presidencies?

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