Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Henry Waxman: Wasting Green to Save Green

I respect the "green"(as in "environmental") push which is emerging in Hermosa Beach and elsewhere in the Beach Cities. Going green is OK, as long as it does not cause us to go into the red.

Frankly, I believe that private initiative better serves the environment than local government telling individual citizens what they may purchase and how much land must be relegated to green space, and nothing more. Nevertheless, city leaders and like-minded voters, if they support such regulations, are entitled to endorse, enforce, and enable such policies.

Protecting the environment is a worthy cause, provided that we do no harm to ourselves or our economy. Going green without going into the red is the way to go.
I am more concerned when state and federal officials -- like Congressman Henry Waxman, who is running for reelection in the newly-drawn 33rd Congressional district, which includes the Beach Cities all the way to the Palos Verdes Peninsula. He has advanced an idealized agenda which contributes little yet damage so much more in an attempt to save the environment.

After 38 years in office, Congressman Henry Waxman has to his credit inane hearings into steroid abuse and banking fallouts (even though he twice supported the TARP bailouts). He also authored the federal version of Cap and Trade, also known as Waxman-Markey.

Waxman-Markey was so unpopular, even in Congress, that the bill barely passed by a 219-212 vote, then quickly died in the Senate. This disastrous piece of legislation would have expanded the powers and bureaucracies of the Environmental Protection Agency, one of the growing "Fourth Branches of Government" which remains nominally accountable to the federal government and interminably unfruitful in protecting the environment. Industries throughout the Great Lake states and the Northeast would have been forced to close down if Waxman-Markey passed, as the costs for purchasing carbon credits would have further diminished their profit margin. An average of 2 million jobs would have been lost, and at the time
(2009), the country was in the deeper grips of the Great Recession.

During the mark-up of Waxman-Markey, Congressman Waxman admitted in open committee that he did not know what was in his own bill! He failed to gather any support from the opposition, and even a significant minority in his own party voted against the measure. Imagine the job growth that would have followed had Waxman, Markey, and the rest of their caucus had spent more time attacking corporate welfare and tax subsidies for large firms instead of pursuing abortive Cap and Trade, a bill which even Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia pledged to filibuster before his election.
To this day, Waxman stands by multi-million dollar, taxpayer-funded loan guarantees for failing green tech companies, like Solyndra, yet demagogues the Koch brothers as the prime-evil force behind the XL Keystone Pipeline, an extensive project which would create jobs, increase our country's energy independence, yet minimize health and environmental hazards.

Henry Waxman has demonstrated neither the comity nor the respect to advance legislation which protects the environment without harming his constituents or this nation's economy. The Beach Cities deserve a legislator who understands the care needed to maintain a sustainable economy without harming the environment or private enterprise. Manhattan Beach resident and Independent Congressional candidate Bill Bloomfield respects this country's need for energy independence and sustainability, yet he has no interest in grinding Congress into further gridlock and further bankrupting this country in the process.
It's time for the Beach Cities to tell Congress to save our green -- both in our backyards and in our back pockets. End the 38-year tenure of Congressman Henry Waxman and elect Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd Congressional District.

Waxman's First Campaign Ad -- 38-Year Tenure a Turn-Off

Your Tenure is a Turn-Off, Henry--
No More Turns for You

Over the past three decades, Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles) never had to run a real campaign to stay in office. In effect, the partisan gerrymandering from the state legislature permitted him to choose his voters, and thus he cruised into office with 60% of the vote in term after term. A few years ago, he even boasted that he never had to launch a major advertising campaign to keep his seat.

Now that the California Citizens Redistricting Commission has redrawn the districts per Proposition 11, a reform which Waxman opposed, the LA-based Congressman is facing Independent Bill Bloomfield, a real challenger for the first time in nearly forty years.

Because of the threat to his tenure, the long-standing legislator has just launched his first YouTube ad. At the outset, he challenges voters to distinguish between "political hype" and "the tried and true." Waxman alleges that his time in Congress is reason enough to keep him in office.

His lengthy stay in no way justifies extending Congressman Waxman's tenure for one more term. Truly, voters throughout the Santa Monica Bay are tired of Henry Waxman, a politician who has spent more time in Washington than working with his constituents. I have spoken with voters in Santa Monica and throughout the South Bay, and they do not care for this man.

Waxman has yet to visit the southern half of the district, South of Dockweiler Beach, which composes the new and more moderate half of the district he intends to represent. The Malibu Democratic Club reported on his recent visit, his first in four years. Where has he been in the mean time?

The Berman-Sherman contest in the 30th Congressional District, which includes sections from Waxman’s previous Valley constituency, is signaling to pundits that incumbency is no longer a strong point. Voters across party lines are favoring the younger Sherman, a legislator who voted against TARP and does not represent the old class of politician who sits and struts and pulls the
levers of the political machine.

Waxman and Berman are cut from the same cloth: two pols who have ignored the polls and opinions of the people who elect them because they have cruised into office with almost immoral ease for the last three decades. More specifically, Waxman supported the massive TARP bailout both times. He has voted against almost every effort to initiate tax relief for the middle class over his long career in Congress. His green policies have taken green (as in “money”) from hard-working taxpayers to fund failed green companies, of which Solyndra was the most flagrant.

It’s time for a change. It’s time that politicians in the Santa Monica Bay pay
attention to the voters, not vice versa. Waxman has paid attention only to his
own power instead of respecting and responding to the limited powers enumerated to him by Congress and “We the People”.

On November 6th, vote for Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Other Claims from the Waxman Camp

Here is a list of other claims from Waxman's recent YouTube campaign ad:

"Smokers aren't allowed to light up on airplanes"

"Nutritional food labeling came into existence"

"Took on Big Tobacco"

"Battled Oil industry lobbyists"

"Defended sick kids in need of health insurance"

"Crafted legislation that says families should have to choose between paying the rent and visiting the doctor"

"Creating real solutions to improve the lives of real people"

Waxman uses the same red-white-blue fade mantra of the "Hope" posters from Obama 2008.

Pushed bill on HIV/AIDS epidemic.

These and other bills are legislative efforts from another era.

What will Waxman do about the massive debts eating this country whole?

How does Mr. Waxman justify claiming that he helped ease working families' decision between the doctor and the rent, when ObamaCare is pricing many working families out of getting health care while also preventing them from acess the federal subsidies provided by the new law for low-income Americans who cannot afford to pay 9.5% of their pay toward health insurance?

Sentiment in Santa Monica Waning for Waxman

Sentiment in Santa Monica
is Waning for Waxman
In the past month, the Congressman has paid a visit to the Malibu and the Santa Monica Democratic Clubs, and the second appearance took place just yesterday. Normally such gatherings cost $100 a head, yet the club reduced the entry fee to $35. Waxman is a brand that has gone bland, a politician whose time has come for him to go.

He declared in open committee that “We’re not broke!”, even though this country is crushed with $16 trillion dollars in debt, plus a multi-trillion dollar entitlement burden with not relief in sight.

Within one thirty-minute interview, he declared that this country is enduring a depression, than he predicted that the “current” recession will resurface. The one confession, the one concession that Mr. Waxman must make is that he does not know the difference between the two economic conditions, and that alone is reason enough to remove him from office.

Obama-WaxmanCare, the Congressman’s signature piece of legislation, is the largest tax increase in history, and contrary to the assured assertions of Waxman and colleagues, health premiums have increased, access has diminished, and a growing number of voters are demanding repeal.

Waxman: Still Blaming Everyone Else
After 38 years of Waxman in office, the residents of the Santa Monica Bay still deal with air pollution, water issues, and traffic jams along Wilshire Boulevard – he blocked funding for a metro link under Wilshire Boulevard for years. For a man who cares about the environment and public health, there is no excuse for prohibiting such an overhaul.

For over thirty years, Waxman has chosen his voters.  The anti-incumbent  fervor in this country, in this state is demanding competent legislators who understand that voters choose them.

Congressman Henry Waxman (D-Los Angeles) has worn out his welcome in Washington. Now he is attempting to win over voters weary of Waxman’s overwhelming arrogance and underwhelming record. It is now incumbent upon every voter in the Santa Monica Bay, from Malibu to Rancho Palos Verdes, to remove the incompetent incumbent Henry Waxman from office.

Vote for Independent Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

Drive to Repeal WaxmanCare -- 55%

Obama-Waxman Care:
Nothing But Broken Promises
In previous weeks, public opinion reported 52% wanted ObamaCare repealed.

Today, Rasmussen Reports has just published a rise in popular sentiment for repeal of Obama-Waxman Care -- 55%, with 41% strongly supporting repeal of the unpopular law.

Henry Waxman's signature legislation was passed on three broken promises:

1. No tax increases, yet the law was upheld on the basis of Congress' taxing power, and has now become the largest tax increase in history.

2. The President and his supporters claimed that premiums would go down once the law was passed. In fact, premiums continue to rise at an average of $2,500.

3. The President and his liberal caucus, including Henry Waxman, assured Americans that they would be allowed to keep their current healthcare.

I spoke with a Redondo Beach resident this past weekend, and for two years he has been without health insurance, and he still cannot afford coverage.

I also contacted a retired teacher in the 33rd Congressional District, and he commented the that health insurance premiums have gotten more expensive for teachers. Rather than expanding access, ObamaCare has done nothing to ease the financial burden crippling teachers, many of whom are facing layoffs or cut in pay. The legislation that promised to ease costs and increase care has done the exact opposite.


Rasmussen has also reported that a small fraction of respondents have benefited from Obama-WaxmanCare, yet the vast majority of individuals polled have yet to enjoy any of the claimed "perks" of Obama-WaxmanCare.

Like President Obama, Congressman Waxman cannot run on this "signature" piece of legislation and hope for a win in the Santa Monica Bay.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Letter to Santa Monica Patch

To the residents of Santa Monica:

38 years is too much and not enough for one Congressman to stay in power.

In recent years, Congressman Henry Waxman has presented himself to be an unprepared, unaccountable, and unacceptable legislator.

His hearings over steroid use in Major League Baseball were marred be his overt ignorance over the basic laws regulating steroid use in this country.

While this country is facing a $16 trillion debt, Waxman claims in open committee that "We're Not Broke."

In a recent interview, Waxman declared that this country is in a depression, then in a recession, then proceeds the current economic hardships of this country on the Bush Administration. Yet Mr. Waxman has been in government for the past 38 years, with nothing to show for debt or deficit reduction of job creation. His

Henry Waxman has authored some of the most divisive legislation in American History, including ObamaCare, a piece of legislation which passed with opposition from Republicans and Democrats, and to this day remains unpopular with a majority of the American People. The largest tax increase in modern times, ObamaCare has diminished access to healthcare while forcing insurance premiums higher.

Residents of the Santa Monica Bay, California, and the United States deserve more informed and accountable representatives.

Vote for Independent Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Obama-WaxmanCare Cripples Hospitals


Congressman Waxman claimed that the signature legislation which he helped cram through Congress would increase access for all Americans.

A recent report points out that hospitals nationwide, which are required by law to care for any patients who enter the hospital, will have to eat the costs for the growing number of illegal immigrants, individuals who will not be taxed for not purchasing insurance, as they cannot be tracked down by the IRS.

The article reports: The calculation leaves out one key group of uninsured people: illegal immigrants, who will not be required to buy health insurance or be eligible for Medicaid, or be allowed to purchase insurance on state-run exchanges under the law.

Illegal immigrants cannot purchase health care and they cannot be taxed to pay for not purchasing health care, yet they are still entitled by law to receive this care.

This immense costs was not addressed at all in Obama-WaxmanCare, a crippling and expensive oversight which will force more hospitals to close, raising the cost of health care while diminishing access across the board.

Mr. Waxman, was this the onerous results that you intended when passing this law which you so proudly stand behind?
Unintended Consequences of Obama-WaxmanCare Unaccounted for. . .

Minimum Wage Madness

Raise Minimum Wage--
Raise Unemployment

In a desperate attempt to play off the economic issues which are at the top of most voters' minds, the Democratic caucus, led by Congressman George Miller (D-Martinez) has issued legislation to raise the federal minimum wage from $7. 25 to $10.00 an hour.

Economists from both sides of the aisle have rallied against the minimum wage laws ever since Congress began authorizing a mandated minimum wage.

It is sheer folly to dictate to businesses how much they have to pay their workers. The wage rises, the prices of goods rise with it, and the unemployment also rises, since businesses must lay off works to keep up with the labor costs without losing a profit.

A majority of economists in one study outlined that raising the minimum wage would have no effect on the economy, and in fact could even cause more problems (http://epionline.org/studies/epi_minimumwage_07-2007.pdf)

For more information about the deleterious effects of the minimum wage, please visit:

The New York Times reported that teen unemployment was also adversely affected by minimum wage hikes (http://epionline.org/studies/epi_minimumwage_07-2007.pdf).

Congressman Waxman's ignorance of supply, demand, and the poor track record of government intervention into the economy are causes enough to remove him from office.

Waxman Takes on the NFL -- Steroid Use Revisisted?

Someone Call a Foul on This Guy!
Henry Waxman continues to play political football with drug use in professional sports.

Which interest is the LA-based Congressman looking to invest in? He already transformed the steroid investigation into a rank debacle, dragging players before his committee, yet he sat dumbfounded when confronted by a constituent about the legal age and exceptions for steroid use.

The economy is in poor health, right now, and we need a legislator who will stop the spending and stop throwing sops to interest groups while rooting around in health issues which have nothing to do with the well-being or improvement of the 33rd Congressional district.

Let's score a touchdown for limited government and fiscal responsibility -- end the reign of Waxman the Taxman November 6.

End the Berman-Waxman Machine

LA Weekly (http://blogs.laweekly.com/informer/2012/07/brad_sherman_poll_1.php)


LA Observed (http://www.laobserved.com/archive/2012/07/sherman_claims_the_lead_a.php)

have  just reported that the junior Congressman, Brad Sherman, is winning the general election polls in the newly-drawn and highly contested 30th Congressional District.

Henry, are you feeling the heat? Incumbents are getting burned up in the wild-fire of voter protest that wants an end to politicians who have chosen their district, selected their constituencies, and think that they can dispense with "niceties" like listening to voters, seeking votes, and fulfilling campaign promises to run this country in line with the best interests of the American people.

Congressman Waxman went out of his way to promote his liberal machine-politician colleague in tax-and-spend statism, Howard Berman, and tried to get Sherman to back out of the race in the new 30th Congressional District. Sherman didn't budge, signalling that he was not afraid to defy the Democratic machine which has intimidated lobbyists and junior legislators in California for far too long.

Waxman even wrote to the Jewish Journal (http://www.jewishjournal.com/letters_to_the_editor/article/letters_to_the_editor_berman_v_sherman_and_woody_allen_20120719/)
 denouncing columnist Bill Boyarksy's balanced analysis of the two Democratic incumbents records -- both have a liberal following, with very little legislation passed, according to GovTrack.us.

Berman's Thirty Years Have not Stopped the Sherman Surge
Yet Sherman has the outsider status of a politician who understands that voters choose the Congressman, not the other way around. Californians left and right like that, and they are registering their approval accordingly.

Even with the support of both senators and 25 other Democratic Congressmen in the California caucus, Berman the establishment candidate is losing to the "underdog" by 17 points.

Sherman is out-polling Berman  with Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, the same constituency that is warming to Independent challenger Bill Bloomfield in the 33rd Congressional District and drifting away from Henry Waxman.

The anti-incumbent backlash is taking down Howard Berman, and Waxman better pay close attention, because he is an other entrenched, entitled incumbent, one who has never campaigned for his seat in Congress over the past three decades.. The voters in the state of California approved the jungle primaries and non-partisan redistricting for this very purpose: end the power of entrenched politicians who have become entitled to getting electing instead of earning the ear and respect of the voters who send them into office.

The Sherman surge is the bell tolling on the Waxman-Berman machine, and Mr. Waxman is going down with his colleague in Congressional collusion.

Berman-Waxman: Seventy Years of Unaccountable Incumbency
Coming to an END

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"The Hazardous Waste Electronic Manifest Establishment Act


"Solid Waste Disposal Act" enacting a filing system to keep track of the waste disposed of and then record for tracking.

The system has remained in the dark ages of paper and  hard copies.

The House Energy Committee has take the initiative to revamp this system so that  the files could be transferred to an electronic medium.

Modernizing the tracking system for hazardous waste shipments will save millions.

Congressman Waxman, the ranking member on the committee, has argued that the Republicans in Congress want to deregulate government into oblivion.

Yet he moved with enthusiasm on implementing an electronic manifest for the records on solid waste disposal. The EPA, among its many epic failures with waste management, current houses a tracking system that costs this country $400 million a year. That's nearly the amount of money lost on the Solyndra loan guarantee gamble.

Waxman's Green Policies Wasting Green in the Beach Cities

Protect the Voters from the Protectors of the Environment
The Redondo Beach School Board wants to float a bond in order to fund technology upgrades and solar panels, the same district leadership that is begging (or threatening) residents to  support  Governor Brown’s tax hikes or the district will have to close the schools down for seventeen days.

Manhattan Beach Unified is holding out on granting a pay raise to teachers, yet they have granted a pay raise to district administrators and have contracted out retired administrators (who are without a doubt already receiving a generous pension from the state) to “consult” the current administrators on how to do their jobs, as if two people have to do the work of one person. Moreover, they have hired an “Energy Consultant” to cut future costs and save the environment.

The Beach Cities School Districts are so determined to save “Green” (as in the environment), that they are willing to waste “Green” (as in money) to fund abortive projects that have nothing to do with educating our youth our using our tax dollars in the best ways possible.

Is embattled incumbent Congressman Henry Waxman, who loves the environment to our hurt and the economy’s peril, pulling strings behind the scenes in our district schools? These policies of promoting the environment at the expense of our students and our communities -- this should make enough of us green with rage.
The same short-sighted policies of spending millions now in green technology now to save some green currency later is a foolish investment.  It seems that school boards have “Solyndra” on the brain, yet they have ignored the “inconvenient truth” that public monies to save the trees help an elite few and harm students and voters.

When will Beach City voters get “Red” with rage over all this “Green” getting wasted? When will votes in the 33rd Congressional District demand an end to waste, self-aggrandizing initiatives in the name of protecting our physical environment, when our students' learning environment is drying and dying away?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Waxman Praises Bush?

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 24:  U.S. Congressman Henry Waxman (D-CA) speaks at the Syringe Access Fund Reception at Open Society Foundations on July 24, 2012 in Washington, DC.The last thing that Congressman Waxman should be getting his hands on is a syringe.

His legislation has been sticking it to taxpayers and businesses throughout the country, specifically in California.

On the international front, the U.S. is leading the charge to reach the 34 million people around the world living with HIV/AIDS. We are the top contributor to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. We created the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, which assists nations where new infections remain widespread. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shares its HIV/AIDS expertise with partners across the planet — as it has from the beginning of the worldwide epidemic.

How strange that Mr. Waxman applauds the United States' investment in AIDS prevention. . .

This was a landmark policy under George W. Bush, a president whom he has blamed for every misfortune that has befallen this nation in the last four years. . .

Aid for the 33rd -- Waxman Must Go!


Henry Waxman thinks that President Obama should do more to aid spreading assistance for AIDS treatment.

The country, and the state of California, and the 33rd Congressional District could use some aid -- ending the long tenure of Henry Waxman, whose Obama-WaxmanCare legislation is putting this country's health care system on life support.

Roughly 30 years ago, I chaired the first congressional hearings on the mysterious disease now known as HIV/AIDS.

I wonder if Waxman was as clueless on the matter of HIV/AIDS then as he was when questioning baseball players about steroid use in major league baseball.

He cares so much about access to quality healthcare in third-world countries, yet his legislation has raised premiums, diminished access, and has landed a huge tax increase on already struggling Americans.

If Mr. Waxman wanted to be a humanitarian, he should have founded his own, private organization. As a member of Congress, his priority is to protect our rights, legislate according to the enumerated powers of the Constitution, and respect the rights and integrity of the states and the people.

Henry Waxman on Charter Communications

Global Warming: a Red Herring

Waxman wants to help create jobs. . .

Yet how has his signature achievement -- ObamaWaxmanCare -- done to job creation in this country.

Pipeline has nothing to do withe payroll tax extension, according to Congressman Waxman -- but is has much to do with creating jobs, a matter which Waxman has given much lip-service, but little action.

There is no complicit corruption between the Koch Brothers and the Keystone Pipeline.

For the truth about the Keystone Pipeline, please visit:


More Skepicism than He Thought
For the truth about the Global Warming argument, including the vast majority of voices and opinions which remain skeptical of the science, please visit:




Here's a list --hardly exhaustive -- of intellects involved in studying climate change, all of whom still maintain their skepticism about the issue:


Here is an extensive list links indicating the alarmism of global warming:


The fact that a diversity of opinion still rages against the "global warming crisis" is enough to dissuade any serious voter to assume that global warming, or climate change, is a major problem requiring decisive and domineering action from the state.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To the Residents of San Pedro

In previous months, I have commented on the out-of-touch Congresswoman Janice Hahn, a politician who spends more time running for office instead of serving her constituents.

Now another perpetual politician is making his way to the South Bay, seeking to represent the newly-carved 33rd Congressional District, which stretches from the Northern section of San Pedro  and the Palos Verdes Peninsula to the entire Santa Monica Bay.

Congressman Henry Waxman, one of the most liberal and illiberal of legislators, has not run for office in almost forty years, relying on the cozy gerrymandering which has kept him in a safe district in West Los Angeles. Now he wants to rule the entire South Bay.

 Waxman the Taxman has voted against nearly every effort for tax relief, sometimes bucking his own party. To the true liberals, he sold out for not pursuing a single-payer system; to conservatives, he expands state power at the expense of the individual in order to protect the environment.

ObamaCare, also Waxman’s signature achievement, broke three promises:  1) no taxes – Chief Justice John Roberts effectively ended that defense,  support the Individual mandate as an extension of Congress’ taxing power, thus transforming Obama-WaxmanCare into the largest tax increase in American History. 2) Instead of lower premiums, premiums have increased an average of $2,500 per person. 3) Instead of more access, insurance carriers are dropping clients and leaving the health insurance market entirely.

Waxman compromises the decorum of committee hearings with his badgering and bullying while refusing to seek compromise on the most basic and bipartisan of issues, like extending the Payroll tax cut or creating jobs through the extension of the XL Keystone Pipeline.

Whether you are a Tea Bagger, Conservative, Libertarian, Green, Democrat, Liberal, or Socialist, do not give Henry Waxman one more term!

Vote for Independent Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

"Where's The Party" Sees the Action in the 33rd


"Since Bloomfield is running as NPP it's conceivable he could peel off enough Democrats and independents who might not like Waxman or would rather have an independent in office. Waxman has noticed Waxman's plan is to define Bloomfield as a Republican, a label that would destroy Bloomfield's chances."

This is good news for anyone living in the South Bay as well as for the Republicans in Agoura Hills and Calabasas who have been sand-bagged with a liberal Democrat for years without any pull or clout to remove him from office.

I am pleased that the writer for "Election Insights and Analysis" took the time to review his contribution to the potential outcomes in the race.

Bloomfield will try to run as an independent, who like many other independents got fed up with his political party. Do they want a liberal ideologue who's been part of the Washington problem or someone fresh who doesn't owe anything to anyone? It's a powerful message, one that could resonate with independents and Democrats in the South Bay who'll be voting for Barack Obama.

Bloomfield is running as an Independent with a capital I, adopting a platform of moderation and reconciliation that will bring the feuding factions of Washington together to reform this country's tax code, entitlement spending, and end the procedural games which game law-makers, left and right, from advancing proposals to get this country working again.

Bill Bloomfield is a fresh alternative, no question about it, an independently wealth independent who wants to end this country's dependence on foreign oil and end corporations' dependence on federal subsidies.

"Where's The Party" Predicted a Dance-Off for Waxman


As early as last September, pundits were predicting an easy win for Waxman in a new district, unless another, more moderate Democrat advanced in the open primary to challenge the 38-year incumbent.

This analysis, like many others, fell short of factoring in the declining power of party labels alone in determining the outcome of elections.

Independent candidate Bill Bloomfield left the Republican party, citing differences of policy, outreach, and strategy for ending the gridlock in Congress that has prevented our government from passing a budget or enacting much-needed reform to entitlements and curbing the power of special interests in government.

An independent fiscal conservative is bolstering the spirit of independents and conservatives throughout the district, including Republicans who in years past would not go to the polls to vote for Waxman's GOP challenger because the previous districts were so lopsided in favor of Henry Waxman.

Tea Party favorites may not like Bloomfield's moderation -- which they may inadvertently interpret as a lack of purity; Democrats may not like his connection with GOP Senator John McCain in the past.

Yet his commitment to more moderate candidates, his progressive social views, and his commitment to a viable alternative to energy and the environment are more than enough to dismiss any concerns that Mr. Bloomfield is an "arch-conservative" in a field of blue strawmen.

Monday, July 23, 2012

On Waxman's Take on Berman-Sherman

I find it appalling and unappealing that Congressman Waxman runs to the defense of Howard Berman, whose brother, per LA Weekly, helped protect incumbents for years through the redistricting process in the state legislature.
Forget Berman-Sherman -- We're Waiting for Waxman. . .

I find it disturbing that Mr. Waxman spends more time talking up the Valley, when he should be campaigning in the South Bay and throughout the Santa Monica Basin. In case he hasn’t noticed, Mr. Waxman has lost half his downtown-West LA constituency, and now must actually compete and communicate with voters for the first time in his nearly forty-year career.
I demand to know why this incumbent does not feel that it is incumbent upon him to pay respect to prospective voters in the newly designed 33rd Congressional district.
Is he ashamed to admit that he is the leader behind the largest tax increase in US History (ObamaCare)?
Does Waxman still stand behind his empty assertion that “We’re not broke,” even though we face trillion dollar deficits and national debt?
How does he justify hammering CEOs for multi-million dollar salaries, then dismiss the billions of dollars lost through government loans to green companies?
Waxman has much more to worry about than the Berman-Sheman tussle!

End the reign of Waxman the Taxman -- Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

Waxman Grilling BP Hayward --


"Even though you've worked twenty-eight years in the oil industry? You're the BP CEO and you've said like a laser safety is the biggest issue and you have people under you making these kinds of decisions and now you're reviewing them...

Since then, British Petroleum has done an exception job of cleaning up the gulf, undoing the terrible mess which its refinery had created in the region. Since this hearing in 2010, Mr. Hayward has been removed from leadership in the corporation.

Now, Congressman Waxman has been in power for 38 years, and this country is hurting under trillion deficits and debts. He has had 38 years of time and oversight to make decisions and casts votes in the best interests of the American people, yet this country is on a fast road to fiscal ruin.
Answer Your Own Questions, Henry!

I'm just amazed at this testimony, Mr. Hayward, you're not taking responsibility. You're kicking the can down the road and acting as if you have nothing to do with this company and nothing to do with the decisions." - Rep. Henry A. Waxman

Congressman Waxman has been kicking the can down the road for decades regarding debts, deficits, and out-of-control spending in Congress.

We have kicked the can down the road long enough. It is time to kick Waxman out of office.

"Is this Fair?"


Henry Waxman dragged Richard Fuld over the coals for taking in half a billion dollars, even though his company went bankrupt.

As head of Lehman Brothers, Mr. Fuld is without excuse for his shenanigans, if he engaged in any crime. .

Yet I still ponder and wonder how Mr. Waxman could go after predatory lenders, but he gave a pass to Solyndra, which lost $500 million in taxpayer dollars. . .

I have a question for you, Mr. Waxman:

Is that fair?

Do you think it's OK for Congress to take risks with taxpayer dollars, and on top of that to hammer taxpayers with the largest tax increase in history in the name of providing adequate access to health care?
What Do You Say to That, Mr. Waxman?

More Questions about Obama-WaxmanCare

Why does the so-called ‘healthcare reform law’ expand the force and power of the I.R.S.?”

“Why are illegal aliens exempt from the Obamacare tax?”

Mr. Waxman dances very badly, and his terrible two left feet were on full display July 3, during the CNN-Bloomberg interview, where he danced around the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the individual mandate as a "T-A-X".

Of course, Obama and his slim liberal majorities in the House and the Senate advertised the bill as a mandate and a penalty for those who chose not to purchase health insurance.

President Obama could not avoid the taxing tax question in his interview with George Stephanopoulos, and neither could the LA-based Congressman.

In addition to levying a huge tax on burdened voters, the Obama-WaxmanCare has expanded the IRS -- if the law was never intended to be tax, then why is the Internal Revenue Service going to collect the "fees" from those who do not purchase health insurance in the first place?

The matter of illegal immigrants taking advantage of provisions in Obama-WaxmanCare should be enough to alarm hospitals and medical practitioners along with law-abiding taxpayers who have purchased health insurance.

Question for Waxman: How DO you Create Jobs?


 Still, your Democrat candidate [Waxman is certainly one of them] will likely remind you that President Obama inherited a bad economy and is now working to “creating jobs.” To this you may wish to simply ask “how is a job created?” Then listen carefully to the response. It will likely be highly amusing.

How indeed, Mr. Waxman, is a job created? Not through Obama-WaxmanCare, which is stifling investment, innovation, and entrepreneurship, mostly because the new Re Sea of Regulations is impossible to penetrate, and the rising costs, including the largest tax increase in American History, is discouraging businesses from hiring.

More than any other politician of note, Mr. Waxman continues to lay the blame of the slow recovery on the steps of the Bush-43 President, a hollow argument which will not sell well in large part because President Obama promised Hope and Change, yet after three years of pursuing his abortive policies, including an individual health care mandate which no one wanted, media personalities and even his own campaign managers David Plouffe  have acknowledged that Obama owns this economy.

Mr. Waxman, what do you have to say to that?

Questions for Congresman Waxman


If President Obama is committed to an ‘all of the above’ strategy [anything but drilling for oil], why did he reject the Keystone XL pipeline project that would have produced employment opportunities from the Canadian border all the way to Texas?”

Mr. Waxman will started shake a little if someone asked him this question. He actually claimed that the biggest reason why he rejects the Keystone pipeline is. . .

The oil from Canada is dirty. .

How elitist can one get? Does Waxman even know the price of milk or a gallon of gas? Congressman Ed Whitfield also gave Waxman a piece of his mind, and I am sure that the voters in the Santa Monica Bay will do the same!
"How do you feel about CBS News reporting that the Obama Administration has lost $6.5 billion of our money already on what they described as ‘risky green energy ventures?’ Did CBS lie to us?”
So far, Henry has only said "I'm sorry that Solyndra happened."

Yet these loans are not a matter of arbitrary fiat. These are legislated proposals, or worse yet executive emoluments, and Congressman Waxman is without excuse, completely accountable for all that has happened.

How do you respond to President Obama's policy of land-swaps, bringing Israel back to its Pre-1967 borders?

Waxman champions Obama on many matters, but how does the President stack up on throwing Israel under the buss, enough that a 3-to-1 Democratic burrough in Long Island elected GOP Bob Turner to replace the disgrace Anthony Weiner?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waxman Commemorates Holocaust Victim

In Honor of Raoul Wallenberg

I respect Mr. Waxman’s respect for a man who helped many Jews survive the Holocaust.

But I cannot support a man who would bring upon this country one fiscal catastrophe after another.
If this man’s socialist policies had come to fruition — and Obama-WaxmanCare is already threatening to levy the largest tax increase in history — there would be not viable country for refugees to flee to.

Retire Waxman November 6, 2012!

Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

Waxman vs. (South Bay) Blue Dog Denomination

Waxman is not just out of step with the voters in the 33rd, he is way of out line compared to the growing coalition of Blue Dog, fiscally conservative Democrats.

Yes, But it Made no Difference -- So much For Compromise. . .
Obama-WaxmanCare passed through reconciliation along a bare majority, with a significant block of Democrats in the House saying "No!"

The moderate Democratic temper is prevalent in the South Bay, whose liberalism is informed by less attention to social issues. Nevertheless, Waxman's strident socialism has not place in the Beach Cities, where wealth remains a valuable status in the hands of those who have earned and invested their keep through their own initiative.

The strident, near-Marxist principles that move Waxman have alienated members of his own party, and therefore should be more than enough to force registered Democrats of a less strident turn to support Bill Bloomfield, a businessman who has worked with Republicans and Democrats on key issues which affect everyone, including tort reform, gang prevention, school innovation, and expansion of the rights of the individual voter and worker.

Waxman is Feeling the Heat


In More Trouble Than He Thought
Reports across the country, taking off from the Politico.com interview, have a read a more sinister narrative in Waxman's cup of tea.

The anti-incumbent backlash against Congress, against anyone currently in power, is  much stronger than Waxman and his established ilk seem willing to acknowledge.

Even the casually liberal New Jersey Star-Ledger has styled portions of the Politico.com article along the same lines of "Is Waxman in trouble. ..?"

"The American Thinker" added the following:

Waxman is still considered a heavy favorite but what if there's an anti-incumbent backlash in November? Long time servers like Waxman would be targets in that scenario, and Bloomfield is in good position to take advantage of the situation.

Defeating Waxman should be a priority for the GOP this election year.

Not just for the GOP, but for California and the country, wiping out Waxman is the way to go!

Waxman Marked Down Waxman-Markey

Waxman -- Putting a Cap on Trade

"Waxman-Markey" Cap and Trade apparently was not good enough, according to its co-sponsor, Henry Waxman:

"I would have liked a more aggressive approach," Waxman said, but the bill had to face political realities.

"So what we did is look to California's example. ... We can strengthen the renewable standards over time. The essential thing is to get something in place and get going with this now, as California has done."

Cap and Trade is already killing job opportunities in California. A preliminary auction of trade credits will be taking place August 15 of this year, with the first  full-blown set to start trading one week after the election.

The political class knew full-well that Cap and Trade would put a cap on businesses and force trade to go out of state and across the global.

Then-minority leader John Boehner handily outlined how drastic a job-killer National Cap and Trade would have been. California is currently suffering the well-intentioned yet poorly-planned and ill-advised program to tax and transform "pollution" into a commodity.

And Waxman admitted that his legislation was not drastic enough!

This Congressman is too much! The Santa Monica Bay cannot afford one more term of Henry Waxman the Taxman.

Waxman's Entitled Incumbent Mentality

Commenting on the redistricting efforts approved by California voters and enacted by a balanced commission of drafters throughout the state, Waxman glibly commented:

“There was no regard for incumbents."

That was the point, Congressman. The voters in the state of California were tired of the Berman micromanaging that protected incumbents with gerrymandered districts which perpetuated the bipartisan back-scratching or the hyperpartisan bickering which has accomplished very little on behalf of the state and the country. Waxman's remark suggests that he preferred the status quo of politically-connected operatives who allowed politicians to choose their voters instead of the other way around.

Mr. Bloomfield will be one of many who will upset and unseat an entrenched incumbent this election cycle.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0712/78697_Page2.html#ixzz21KLYi9fZ

Politico's Take on Waxman

Henry Waxman is shown in 2012 and 1981. | AP Photos
Nothing Has Changed in Forty Years -- Bald Head, no Bold Ideas to Rebuild this Country

Politco.com's recent interview with the top-two candidates for the 33rd Congressional District, was very revealing, showing a long-time incumbent who has taken his frequent reelection bids for granted for over forty years.

There is something wrong with the political process in this country when a legislator can claim that he has not faced a serious challenge to his power since the days of President Lyndon Johnson, an overwhelming progressive whose policies still haunt the halls of entitlement while institutionally bankrupting this country with a culture of expanded dependency.

If the Republican and independent voters in this state will get respite, it will be due to the fact that Waxman will not be able to pour his campaign coffers into defending other candidates or shoring up support for other causes. That only is enough to rejoice that for the first time Mr. Waxman will be facing a real challenge to his political hegemony in the Los Angeles area:

“Quite frankly, I haven’t had to run a serious campaign in quite a long time, but now, I’m going to,” Waxman told POLITICO. “I’m not going to take anything for granted.”

This blunt should be enough to dissuade voters in this election cycle from giving Waxman more than a passing glance. What respect, what regard did this Congressman have for his voters after previous elections? It is astounding that this man could blatantly declare previous victories as "granted."
Public service is nothing to take for granted, Mr. Waxman.

But, competing in a splintered field, the congressman received just 45 percent of the votes cast in the June 5 race — a potentially worrisome sign for such a longtime incumbent.

Politico neglected to mention that fewer than one hundred thousand votes were cast during the primary, but now that Bill Bloomfield has established himself for the general election, he will have the next four months informing voters about his record of reform and bipartisanship, both of which shine in stark contrast to the distant LA Congressman.

In an interview, Bloomfield wouldn’t say how much he intends to spend on his race, saying only: “I am going to spend enough for voters to know what I’m about.”

Mr. Bloomfield has informed supportive and prospective voters throughout the district that he want to end the incumbent-induced partisan gridlock which keeps spending this country into fiscal oblivion without resolving our nation's ongoing dependence on foreign oil. Education reform is also a top priority for the candidate, along with ending the power of special interests in Congress,many
of which hold politicians at bay from voting in the best interests of those whom they are called to serve.

In a district where Democrats outnumber Republicans 43 percent to 28 percent, he argued, voters who turn out to support President Barack Obama would also back him.

This is a naive perception. Obama is like ballot-box poison. Staunch Democrats who may not want to vote for the alternative will likely stay home. A string of broken promises and slow recovery have disillusioned the youth and minority vote in the country. the two demographics who helped propel Obama into office because of his novel minority status. Obama has nothing but hollow attacks to run on, and Waxman's record does him mor harm than good for a constituency that has never considered him before.

One worry: that Bloomfield’s independent bid will win support from voters fed up with Congress and looking for something different.

This is the defining point of this contest. Waxman's tenure is one of his many liabilities. Congress has never been so unpopular, the popular rating stagnant in the single digits of the at least the past three years. Waxman has been Washington fixture for years. Indiana Senator Richard Lugar received an untimely send-off in June. Voters across the country have signaled their willingness to throw out long-standing legislators and give someone else a chance to speak on their behalf.

Poll Update on Waxman-Bloomfield Race


Henry Waxman started out with a larger social presence than his challenger Independent Bill Bloomfield, yet only because Mr. Waxman is the incumbent who also visited the Malibu Democratic Club for the first time in four years.

Waxman's social presence is diminishing substantially, while Mr. Bloomfield is only beginning to get his name and his mission out to the voters, having bested a slate of candidates who were running for one of the top-two spots in the 33rd.

 Bill Bloomfield is on the rise and who knows how long it will be before they pass Henry Waxman only time will tell.
Indeed, it is only a matter of time before voters from Rancho Palos Verdes to Malibu learn how left-wing, how out-of-touch Henry Waxman has become, compared to a businessman and entrepreneur who understands how to run a business, the importance of spending the money that you have, not someone else's, and working across the aisle with men and women of different political affiliations.

Waxman Facing Redder Competition

Waxman's district has gotten about six points redder. It's now a mere (?) 64% Obama, and Waxman is only keeping about half of his current constituents. This area will overlap with a number of interesting races, including AD-66 (where Craig Huey might do well in a swingy Assembly district) and a little of SD-27, where Fran Pavley faces Todd Zink.
26, Dem, Dude seeing a dude, CT-04(originally), PA-02/NY-14 (formerly PA-02/NY-12).
by Xenocrypt on Wed Jul 18, 2012 at 10:06:11 AM PDT


The below has superimposed in red outlines the new 33rd in contrast to Waxman's current 30th district.

Waxman has lost half of his liberal support, not pushed up from the South with the centrist constituency of the South Bay.

View Overlapping old and new districts sm.jpg in slide show

I am certain the Huey assembly race will draw out a number of conservative and centrist-minded voters in the South Bay section of the 33rd Congressional District. . .

The voting demographics, based on the LA Registrar, also indicate that Waxman is facing a 12-point loss:

Old 30th CD*
New 33rd CD
Net redistricting loss for Waxman:
(Source: LAvote.net)
*"Old 30th adds up to 101% because of rounding errors)

Waxman has lost representation. Even though the current voting records, per Daily Kos, point out that Obama won these precincts at 64%, the incumbent President's rising unpopularity will either discourage voters from coming to the polls or will move disaffected Democrats and Independents to vote for Bill Bloomfield.

No matter how one reads the dramatic change in demographics, Waxman has a fight on his hands, and Bloomfield has more than  a fighting change of taking this district and ousting the 38-year incumbent.