Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Waxman vs. Bloomfield in the 33rd Congressional District

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The state of California, including the wealthy and well-off Beach Cities, can ill-afford any more welfarism and state-sponsored intervention. We need economic liberty, and less governmental probity in our district. Even though the Dockweiler Strip of Shame has gerrymandered the Western half of Torrance with Beverly Hills and Malibu in the newly crafted 33rd Congressional District, the residents of the South Bay may not have to resign themselves to rule by the liberal cabal of years past.

I hope that Manhattan Beach businessman and community activist Bill Bloomfield can pull of a respectable upset to take on Democratic stalwart Henry Waxman in the primary run-off. The last thing that the Beach Cities need is another micromanaging politician who knows and cares very little for the community and concerns stretching from Rancho Palos Verdes to El Segundo.

There seems to be an air of anti-incumbency in the nation. In 2010, California resisted the anti-liberal, anti-Democratic wave which swept the House of Representatives backs into Republican hands. Perhaps this year, voters will take this opportunity to finish what the Tea Party and fiscally-minded advocates started in 2009, and sweep from office every representative not focused on limiting government and restoring the preeminence of constitutional rule and state sovereignty.

A non-partisan like Mr. Bloomfield is just what the South Bay needs. The district has hovered in the no-man's-land of fiscal conservatism and social tolerance long enough to signal that this state, this nation, needs leadership that will cut spending, cut regulations, and cut government out of our lives as much as possible.

We cannot afford two more years of Big Government, Big Spending, and Bigger Regulations. Bill Bloomfield is the best choice to represent the 33rd Congressional District.

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