Friday, July 20, 2012

Bloomfield is Mounting a Real Challenge

As we all know, the amount of money one spends on his campaign is not always commensurate with victory. Such is likely to occur in the new 33rd, as the Democratic voting patterns in a presidential election year will, of course, favor the Democratic congressional candidate. Though we are likely to see Bloomfield wage a spirited battle, Waxman is still the decided favorite to win a 20th term in the House later this year even though he currently represents just less than half of the new CA-33.

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Money does not decide a race. Efficacy, dignity,  and accountability do.

Waxman lacks all three. No matter what one's affiliation in the 33rd, a growing number of reports indicate that Waxman is not leaving anything to chance, nor should he.

Mr. Bloomfield has commanded a great deal of respect supporting issues which influence all Californians for the better, including an association to end lawsuit abuse, an initiative to protect individual workers from having their paychecks pilfered by union bosses to support graft-laden political candidates.

He has partnered with Michelle Rhee's prominence to reform public schools to benefit the student, not the bureaucrat.

Most importantly, to the growing consternation of stalwart progressives like Henry Waxman, Bloomfield supported Prop 14, which established open primaries and opened up legislative contests to the top-two vote-getters, regardless of party. Bloomfield also supported the California Non-partisan Commissions role in redesigning the legislative districts in California, forcing long-term incumbents -- like Henry Waxman --  to fight for their place in Congress in new districts, while freeing up lesser-known candidates to compete against more well-funded candidates in contests which lean more heavily toward distinctly different voting blocs. Nothing could better signal the glory of this reform than to witness Howard Berman and Brad Sherman, two established Democrats, compete for Republican  votes in the newly-crafted 30th Congressional district.

Mr. Waxman is no ordinary, "well-known" incumbent. He has an abrasive manner which has turned off many voters and pundits. He has sponsored disastrous legislation which would harm consumers, kill jobs, and discourage businesses. His voting record is so left-wing, in significant votes, including tax relief, he has voted against his own party. He is a laugh-stocking to well-informed voters who expect more from their leaders than a long tenure in public office. The sheer length of his time in office, 38 years, should be enough in itself to turn off voters in the 33rd Congressional District.

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