Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Where's The Party" Sees the Action in the 33rd


"Since Bloomfield is running as NPP it's conceivable he could peel off enough Democrats and independents who might not like Waxman or would rather have an independent in office. Waxman has noticed Waxman's plan is to define Bloomfield as a Republican, a label that would destroy Bloomfield's chances."

This is good news for anyone living in the South Bay as well as for the Republicans in Agoura Hills and Calabasas who have been sand-bagged with a liberal Democrat for years without any pull or clout to remove him from office.

I am pleased that the writer for "Election Insights and Analysis" took the time to review his contribution to the potential outcomes in the race.

Bloomfield will try to run as an independent, who like many other independents got fed up with his political party. Do they want a liberal ideologue who's been part of the Washington problem or someone fresh who doesn't owe anything to anyone? It's a powerful message, one that could resonate with independents and Democrats in the South Bay who'll be voting for Barack Obama.

Bloomfield is running as an Independent with a capital I, adopting a platform of moderation and reconciliation that will bring the feuding factions of Washington together to reform this country's tax code, entitlement spending, and end the procedural games which game law-makers, left and right, from advancing proposals to get this country working again.

Bill Bloomfield is a fresh alternative, no question about it, an independently wealth independent who wants to end this country's dependence on foreign oil and end corporations' dependence on federal subsidies.

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