Saturday, July 14, 2012

Retire Bankrupt Waxman

Tema Merback

10:58 am on Thursday, June 7, 2012

Waxman needs to be retired. California is bankrupt and so is Waxman's leadership.


Ms. Merback, how right you are!

I cannot think of better reason to tell Mr. Waxman that he is burning out from both ends of the wick.

Waxman Fading Fast
He is a melted out partisan who has done nothing to assist the state of Califorinia, which is still laboring under 10.8% unemployment, not counting all the worker who are willing to work but who have nowhere to go.

Retire Waxman -- Sounds like a simple slogan, but affirmative for the best.

ObamaCare,er. . .WaxmanCare is killing jobs all over the country.

WaxmanCare is pushing firms out of the health insurance sector.

WaxmanCare remains grossly unpopular because of the individual mandate, a tax on the American people which they cannot afford, nor should the federal government be empowered to collect.

The American people are looking for jobs, and the last thing that any Congressman would want to admit to, at least openly, is that they have expanded the rolls and the ranks of the IRS.

Waxman the Taxman, indeed, whose WaxmanCare is waxing old and damaging to every voter in the state of California.

Retire Waxman November 6, 2012!

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