Saturday, July 21, 2012

Waxman Marked Down Waxman-Markey

Waxman -- Putting a Cap on Trade

"Waxman-Markey" Cap and Trade apparently was not good enough, according to its co-sponsor, Henry Waxman:

"I would have liked a more aggressive approach," Waxman said, but the bill had to face political realities.

"So what we did is look to California's example. ... We can strengthen the renewable standards over time. The essential thing is to get something in place and get going with this now, as California has done."

Cap and Trade is already killing job opportunities in California. A preliminary auction of trade credits will be taking place August 15 of this year, with the first  full-blown set to start trading one week after the election.

The political class knew full-well that Cap and Trade would put a cap on businesses and force trade to go out of state and across the global.

Then-minority leader John Boehner handily outlined how drastic a job-killer National Cap and Trade would have been. California is currently suffering the well-intentioned yet poorly-planned and ill-advised program to tax and transform "pollution" into a commodity.

And Waxman admitted that his legislation was not drastic enough!

This Congressman is too much! The Santa Monica Bay cannot afford one more term of Henry Waxman the Taxman.

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