Friday, July 20, 2012

Protect Your Paycheck!

Independent Candidate Bill Bloomfield supports Prop 32--Paycheck Protection. He put his own money behind this initiative, which will also prevent  unions and corporations from giving directly to political candidates. This time, the authors of this initiative respected that the role of public unions and private corporations should not come at the expense of workers or investors

What is Henry Waxman's take on Prop 32? So far, the Congressman has not given a statement on the issue, but the causes and caucuses which support him -- environmentalists and the Democratic party apparatus in the state-- all oppose the initiative that would protect the individual and put an end to the unfair investment of limited interest groups hammering Sacramento at the expense of the citizen-taxpayers in the state.

Moreover, Waxman has passed bills which would rob consumers, laborers, and businesses: (ObamaCare, Waxman-Markey Cap and Trade)

Does anyone need another reason why not to vote for Waxman for another term? The 33rd Congressional district deserves better: Bill Bloomfield.

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