Monday, July 16, 2012

Dishing on D.C -- Pot Dissing the Kettle

First Visit in Four Years. . .Feeling the Heat, Henry?

In a sudden move to shore up votes along the Malibu shore, Congressman Henry Waxman paid a visit to the Malibu Democratic Club July 8.

He has not visited Malibu in over four years. Perhaps sensing for the first time in his over-long career that he has a real challenger, Waxman wasted no time attempting to swipe at and wipe away Independent Bill Bloomfield as a serious contender.

Describing his viable challenger as a millionaire who bought his votes, Mr. Waxman attempt to roll up the challenge to his reign by claiming that the 33rd is heavily Democratic, one which will very likely push him into one more term in office.

Yet for all of his talk about the need for bipartisanship in Congress, he whined about the intense difficulty that he and his likeminded, or mindless, colleagues faced in passing ObamaCare.

He falsely claims that President Obama reached out to Republicans, when in truth the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was shoved through both houses of Congress with backroom deals, subsidies, and every other unthinkable parliamentary maneuver.

Waxman neglected to mention that a significant minority of Democrats also voted against ObamaCare, and just recently five Democrats crossed partly lines to repeal the legislation once again. Not just Democrats, not just Republicans, but voters across the country do not like ObamaCare and want it repealed.

The gridlock in Washington is a confirmed result of voters who are slowly accepting that reality that this country cannot continue spending money that it does not have on programs, measures, and entitlements which are unaffordable.

No remark elicits more ridicule than Waxman's harsh take on the "toxic" tone which now dominates in Washington:

“nasty and polarized.”

How does the Congressman justify the trumped-up charges that he leveled at professional athletes while taking down steroid use in major league baseball?

How does Waxman justify his boorish behavior toward fellow Congressmen during his tenure as chairman of the House Oversight Committee?

How does he justify his repeated attempts to stall legislation that would create jobs, like the Keystone Pipeline, which does not pose a threat to the environment, while federally guaranteed loans to Solyndra and other subsidized green companies have gone to waste in the landfill of bankruptcy.

For Waxman to dish on the hyperpartisan positioning in Washington is like the pot calling the kettle black, beaten, and fired up. He has authored and engineered legislation contrary to the best interests of the country and the American people, Cap and Trade as ObamaCare, both of which will kill jobs and shrink investment.

In another hollow yet brazen attack, Waxman contended:

"They [the Republicans] also want to fund tax breaks to billionaires by cutting services to the poorest of the poor.”

Under President Obama and his progressive colleagues, including Henry Waxman, there has been an unprecedented explosion in poverty and federal assistance. This country has more poor, more unemployed, more stagnant recovery, than since the end of World War II.

The Obama-Waxman agenda creates poverty, diminishes wealth, and frustrates the liberty of the citizens and the businesses in this country -- the real wealth creators.

To end the gridlock of tax, spend, waste, and fraud, Waxman must go. He already senses the rising upset threatening his extended tenure in Congress.

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