Thursday, September 27, 2012

Waxman Snubs Netanyahu

Rep. Henry Waxman (D Ca., on right) with PM Netanyahu and Senator Carl Levin (D Mi., on left).
With Friends Like These, Who Needs Iran?

Mr. Waxman, do you have any shame?

How can you turn your back on this nation's one ally in the Middle East?

Do you really think that you can just turn away from the looming threat in Iran?

Waxman is running for reelection in a redrawn district, and his chances are getting dimmer by the minute.

This repudiation of Netanyahu is one of his  dimmest, dumbest moves yet. Shame on him and Obama for not standing by and supporting our one ally in the Middle East.

I will make sure that everyone hears about this.

Mr. Waxman, even your views on foreign policy, a matter which most Congressman ignore, is out of touch with your Santa Monica Bay constituency.

This pandering to the President just escapes me entirely. The Democratic Party recently tried to remove Jerusalem and God from the party platform, and now it appears that a growing number of Democratic legislators want to help remove Israel from the face of the earth!

Time to remove Waxman from office, and fast!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

About Campaigning in the 33rd

I never realized how much I love campaigning.

I am not running for anything, but I am supporting candidates here in the South Bay, and I never knew that I would have had so much fun.

The Congressional race in my new district took me by surprise. I never thought that a long-time, long-term liberal like Henry Waxman would one day have the opportunity to be my Congressman. To say the least, I was not pleased.

For the first time, I attended some of the local political meetings. In one meeting, a fight nearly broke out when one man asked a local candidate about "Article 21" of the UN Charter. The visiting candidate candidly admitted that he did not know. Refreshing, to say the least.

When you're looking for information on candidates and causes, when you want the straight info on the policies and positions of politicians, when you want to make a point and persuade people to vote for what you stand for, the grim "sausage-making" of the passing legislation can yield some tasty morsels or unsavory finds on "YouTube". I used to think that watching Congressional committee hearings would be as much fun as listening to someone speed through legislation on properly fluoridating the nation's water supply. Now that I was getting involved to influence the Congressional race in my home district, I even started calling representatives around the country, including a South Carolina legislator who had the courage to rebuke Waxman for his ongoing ignorance about the massive auto bailouts from three years ago.

This election has yielded a number of unprecedented surprises. No Republican is running in the general election for my Congressional District, yet the Independent businessman, Bill Bloomfield from Manhattan Beach, is taking on the "Eliot Ness" of the House of Representatives. Helping out in his campaign headquarters, I have met a diverse number of people, left and right, who want to see this country get back on track and are willing to come together to get an Independent into office, a man who refuses to take any special interest money, pledging to be guided by common sense and the constituents' interests.

Engaged and informed, I started spreading the word throughout the South Bay. After spouting some colorful, unrepeatable remarks about Congressman Waxman, many people thanked me for informing them about this momentous election. I even approached one couple whom I had greeted casually for years yet never really talked to. The husband, a former marine, told me, quoting Patton: "A plan executed immediately and violently is better than a perfect plan." I could not agree more. I think our political climate would improve if we accepted the good instead of waiting for the best.

I braved the North of Dockweiler Beach scene, Waxman's home court advantage. Despite the empty stereotypes about "The People's Republic of Santa Monica", I talked with many people who shared their frustration about the direction of this country, including a young mother who had joined the "Occupy Movement", a few felons who unfortunately cannot vote, and some open-minded Democrats who were willing to listen. Then again, there was this one guy who chewed me out for trying to rally voters against Henry Waxman, one of a dwindling faction of "Waxman Fanatics". Armed with an ice cream cone, he looked ready to cream me. Ironically, his little tirade piqued some other passers-by, who after a few minutes with me were inclined to vote for Bill.

People will share their opinions, if you listen. People will respect your opinion, too, if you listen. I never realized how much I love campaigning.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Waxman -- The Moustache of Justice Getting Trimmed,176456154
Mustache of Justice Mug
You cannot make this stuff up!

Really? A "Moustache of Justice" Mug? Justice and Henry Waxman go together like "Successful Surgery" and "Jack the Ripper."

I wonder if the ceramic makers of this mug have come up with another set of potable containers. .  .

How about the Solyndra Sack? This special sack will take in the food that you prepare, and then while you are carrying your lunch, you will discover that all of it has fallen out.

For a special extra fee, you can have the contrite yet trite phrase "I'm sorry!" written on the bottom of the bag.

Then again, how about a "Steroids Oversight Hearing" Pill Box? You say that such  a contraption would invite civil and legal penalties? Not to worry, because a little voice box while have the pre-recorded voice of Congressman Henry Waxman asking: "What's the legal age for steroid use?"

Ooh, I bet this item would make a real splash in specialty stores. . .

How about "National Debt" Wallets? To the untrained eyes, these novelty wallets are two pieces of paper with the words "IOU" scrawled in thick, black marker ink.

How about the "Waxman Journal." Mostly empty pages, certainly, like all new journals. Except the Waxman Journal is really big in the front, just like Waxman's current campaign, which focuses heavily on his early legislative accomplishments. Then as the journal writer get closer to the end of the journal, the pages get smaller and smaller, just as Congressman Waxman's accomplishments have been fewer and far between the longer he has stayed in office. Also, his more recent achievements fall within the schema of forgettable (???) to regrettable (ObamaCare, Waxman-Markey).

Oh, no wait, I think this product would fly off the shelves:

A retractable, interchangeable map-frame, one with lines that can change every time that Congressman Waxman's Congressional district changes. With this efficient little device, Waxman and his entrenched incumbent friends can save money on publishing new congressional directories. Then again, for over thirty years, Waxman never had to launch a real campaign to keep his seat, so providing  prospective voters with specifics about the change in political demographics is a moot point, anyway.

Congressman Waxman (C) Products could take the world be storm, indeed. That is, of course, if he manages to get reelected, which with such promotional items would seem less likely.

Reflection on LA Times article: "Congressional race is a test for longtime member of the House"

First, I applaud the LA Times for providing a more balanced report than some periodicals on Independent Challenger Bill Bloomfield, successful businessman and civic reformer.

I am glad that he presented Bloomfield's record supporting Democratic as well as Republican candidates. As a voter in the South Bay, I was not a big fan of Jane Harman, but her moderation and her poise in Congress for the greater part of her tenure in Congress assured me that even though I did not vote for her, she better represented my interests compared to other Democratic Congressman, including partisan liberal Henry Waxman.

I also appreciate that the columnist pointed out that Congressman Waxman "cruised to victory" in previous contests throughout his Congressional career. The article could have mentioned that Mr. Waxman opposed the very reforms - California Citizens Commission and Open Primary -- which are now forcing him to compete in a different district with a top-tier and well-funded Independent candidate.

I do take exception with a few elements from Jean Merl's piece.

First, the article suggested that Waxman worked across party lines to pass key legislation. Waxman-Markey ("Cap and Trade") and ObamaCare, two bills which Waxman "shepherded" through Congress, faced stiff opposition from Democrats and Republicans and passed the House by the slimmest of margins. Waxman-Markey died in the Democratically-controlled Senate, while ObamaCare remains immensely unpopular with legislators and voters across party lines.

Second, he article failed to document that anti-incumbent fervor in the country. Howard Berman is down by double digits in the Valley, where junior Congressman Brad Sherman is looking like the presumptive winner in the contest.

Congressman Waxman claims that he will do what he can to protect the defense and aerospace industries in the South Bay. He seems to have the same entitlement/coronation mentality which has doomed Berman and upset US Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Last of all, the article also neglected to mention the 28% of voters who have declined to state any party affiliation. This viable voting bloc can help Bloomfield win the upset against Congressman Waxman, who cannot run on his record in the more moderate South Bay without offending prospective voters and alienating key constituencies in industry and manufacturing.

Letter to Santa Monica Bay -- To the Argonaut Readers

Waxman: 38 Years is Enough!
To the residents of Santa Monica, Venice, and the coastal regions of the Santa Monica Bay:
This year, following the unprecedented electoral reforms of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission and the Open Primary, Congressman Henry Waxman, a political fixture of the West Los Angeles area for thirty-eight years, will be facing off against Independent businessman Bill Bloomfield of Manhattan Beach in the newly-drawn 33rd Congressional District, which takes in the entire Santa Monica Bay.
I am well aware of the good that Waxman has done for some individual constituents. I wish that Republicans had pursued the waste and fraud in Iraq during the Bush Administration, as Waxman did. Yet after thirty-eight years in office, with no revisions of the Clear Water Act, with frequent Oversight hearings with little to show for his efforts, and ongoing inaction on unsightly budget deficits and unconscionable national debt, Mr. Waxman has become more removed from the interests of the Santa Monica Bay and more moved by the interests of Beltway Big Government. Waxman’s latest signature legislation, the Affordable Care Act, is a crippling tax forcing hospitals to close, while forcing up premiums, forcing out health insurance provides, thus forcing down access to health care.
Stirring up the political waters in Waxman’s home constituency, I know that I am stepping into dangerous territory. Nevertheless, after thirty-eight years, the Southern California region, from Palos Verdes to Malibu, is still waiting by the side of the stagnant political waters for some angel to stir up and resurrect individual liberty, private enterprise, and greater local control with lower taxes and less spending. Waxman is no longer that angel. Mr. Bloomfield, on the other hand, has refused all corporate and special interest donations. He touts a track record of education reform, tort reform to limit frivolous lawsuits, and a successful business savvy. He is the new messenger who will represent us, and not special interests.
Waxman’s thirty-eight years is enough. To every Republican, Independent, and reform-minded Democrat in the Santa Monica Bay, please elect Bill Bloomfield to represent the 33rd Congressional District, from the South Bay to the Valley.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Red Racing Horses Analysis on the 33rd

CA-33: 2011: 44.4%D May: 43.9%D Sept: 43.9%D
I list the Democratic percentage because for challenger Bill Bloomfield to knock off Congressmen Henry Waxman, he'll need to win over 80% of the non-Democrats. That's a tall order, no matter how independent he might be. Even taking 90% of Republicans would mean he'd have to grab 70% of independents. No one does that in a close race. Bloomfield would need to chip away at Waxman's Democrats. That'd seem unlikely.
Yet Bloomfield's hope of getting Democrats is based on that Waxman having never represented anyone south of the airport. Waxman is a Democratic icon, and fits very well with Westside progressives. The beach cities have a slight Republican lean. Democrats there lean more to families than young progressives. Bloomfield can rack up margins with Republicans on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, but he'll have to snipe Democrats in the South Bay to have a shot.


This analysis is more promising than depressing.

Mr. Bloomfield I believe will takeinat least 15% of the Democratic vote.

I say this because the reform-Democrats and the union-Democrats are splitting the party throughout the state of California, and Bill Bloomfield has led the charge on reforming the power of public sector unions to take money of out the employee's paycheck without the worker's permission. This reform is on the November ballot under Prop 32, which is gaining support throughout the state.

I know and believe that the Republican sentiment is strong enough South of Dockweiler to get the vote out for Bloomfield. The chance to remove Waxman from power once and for is just too much to avoid.

Let's consider that Bill cannot get any Democratic votes. The number of Decline to States and Republicans creates 56% -- if Bill gets all the Republicans and a good portion of the Independents, then Waxman is toast.

Channelling Peggy Noonan -- Challenging Bill Bloomfield

Wall Street Journal Columnist Peggy Noonan exploded over Romney's bad week.

With the Middle East exploding with tribal warfare and Islamic fanaticism, with Iran poised to develop then drop nuclear weapons, with Obama's "Recovery" turning into stagnation and record levels of government assistance and unemployment, one would think that Romney would be coasting to victory.

Instead, he makes off-the-cuff and off-cue remarks about "the 47%" and their victim mindset which inclines them toward electing Obama for another term.

A second Obama term would be disastrous for this country. The past four years have been a rank failure, stuffed with executive fiat and faked recoveries, health insurance mandates which have decreased instead of increasing access to health insurance and health care. Businesses are closing, people are giving up looking for work, and Washington keeps on spending, wasting, and losing revenue that we do not have.

Bill Bloomfield, do not pull a Romney. Do not hold back.

What Obama is to this country, Waxman will be for the 33rd Congressional District.

We deserve, we demand, we delineate without reserve that the voters from Palos Verdes to Malibu want a representative who represents us, not himself, not his special interests, not the political machines.

Bill, you have this better than the Romney. He can turn around from gaffe to gain -- all you need to do is keep walking.

In a way, I am channelling the fiery and fierce spirit of Columnist Peggy Noonan. She demands an intervention for the Romney campaign. I demand that you intervene and with full intention into every major city and precinct in the 33rd.

Santa Monica Bay will shine again with a native son who lives and breathes and moves about in the region. You have done so much already. Do not hide, do not chide, do not ride the empty winds of public opinion. Tell people who you are, what you what to do, and what Waxman has done.

This election is yours -- get out there and take it!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

No More Manhattan Beach Moderation -- Show Us the Santa Monica Moxie

Waxman is Going Down for the Count
Bill Bloomfield --

He is a fixture of the Manhattan Beach community. He has helped create businesses.

He has reached to community interests -- helping schools, working with youth to get out of gangs, leading the charge against lawsuit abuse and electoral stagnation.

Until recently, he did not make a big splash.

Now he is stepping out.

Enough with the Manhattan Beach Moderation!

Show us the Santa Monica Moxie, Bill! Give Waxman a taste of his own medicine!

Let's let every voter, from Palos Verdes to Malibu know once and for all that the political interests are not determined by the People's Republic of Santa Monica, by the political machines, by the legislature, but by the voters.

Fed Forays into Sports -- Waxman's Mistakes

Protect Major League Sports from our "Protectors": Ax Waxman November 6th!

Is there any issue that Mr. Waxman will leave alone?

First he goes after steroid abuse, needlessly dragging before the Oversight Committee major players who have since been exonerated.

Waxman may not be alone in federal government overreach into major league sports, but the voters in the Santa Monica Bay can make sure that there is one fewer legislator in Congress sticking its investigatory and regulatory nose into affairs which it has no business pursuing or prosecuting!

Congressman: Cannot Hide Forever

Bloomfield in the Santa Monica Daily Press

Bloomfield wants to build bridges, or at least that was the claim in his recent interview with the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Yet there is one important element before he goes about building bridges -- he must cross the bridge from challenge to campaign to election in the 33rd Congressional District.

Like his interview in the Pacific Palisades Post, Bloomfield told us more about his views on social as as fiscal issues.

His views on marriage and abortion may rub Republican voters the wrong way, but Waxman's views on everything are enough to rub him out of office once and for all.

Enough with the petty sniping about "partisanship."

Although I understand that Mr. Bloomfield has no intention of harming or repulsing the Santa Monica vote. Still, a candidate must take a stand against his opponent as much as standing on principle.

I am glad that Mr. Bloomfield also identified Mr. Waxman's unconscionable and up-to-now unnoticed failure to provide proper care and cover for the many LA-area Veterans who are still without a home, who do not receive adequate care, whose proper residence on the Brentwood VA grounds has been rented out to non-profits and private interests at the expense of our veterans.

Someone must stop the abuse of public lands for private uses for which the original testators never intended.

Mr. Bloomfield, lead the way!

Waxman's Take on Bill Bloomfield

Calling Out Bloomfield?
Waxman Leaving Office!
Patch: What do you think of your opponent, Independent candidate Bill Bloomfield?

Waxman: My opponent Mr. Bloomfield has a record of being in the Republican Party. I’m proud of being a Democrat. I’ve been a Democrat all my political career and I’m proud of being a Democrat and what I fight for. He has been a Republican and he’s now saying he’s an Independent. I don’t know what that means to be an Independent when he has been a lifelong Republican and he’s given to McCain and Romney and John Boehner. I would presume he’s going to side with the Republicans more often than not and if he left the Republican Party because they’re extreme, he’s right about that. The partisanship we’ve seen and the inability for Congress to act to get things done is based on the extremism in the Republican Party.

Congressman Henry Waxman is proud of being a member of the Democratic Party.

The same party that stands staunchly with public sector unions, even while states across the country are struggling to establish solvent budgets because of pension and benefits obligations, which they can no longer afford.

In California, three cities have already filed for bankruptcy, and Mr. Waxman does not seem to care.

How many times has the Democratic-controlled legislature in Sacramento refused to pass a budget which contains no accounting gimmicks or rosy projections which have no bearing on the fiscal realities menacing the state?

The same Democratic party refuses to pass legislation that will expedite the removal of predatory teachers who harm our children in the classroom.

The same Democratic party has pushed abortion yet refuses to deal with the abortive tax code which is driving out businesses and driving up unemployment.

Waxman can wax grand about his Democratic affiliation all he wants, but he certainly cannot run on his record, no more than President Obama and his failed policies of stimulus, healthcare reform, domestic and international protection, among the string of debts and deficits which are defeating this country over the long haul.

Mr. Bloomfield has chosen to run as an independent, while Congressman Waxman chooses to remain dependent on special interests and public sector lobbies to retain money and power.

The anti-incumbency movement is fully manifest  in the state of California. Even the most popular California Democrat Dianne Feinstein is polling her worst numbers. Mr. Waxman is in big trouble, and he cannot run from his record, no matter what he does.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bill -- Get Out There!

To Bill Bloomfield, the candidate for the 33rdCongressional District:
Get out there! Waxman has done nothing to make his mark South of Dockweiler. Do not lie in wait, stop playing nice and easy.
I do not care if it's your style or not, you want to be the representative for this district, then you need to be aggressive and competitive.
If getting into arguments and making the case for a point of view which will have detractors, then why did you run for Congress?
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made the same argument -- why do people elect legislators and governors? To argue and hash things out  -- that's what we send them to do!
This district, this state, this country deserve better than Henry “The Taxman”Waxman. This man has cruised into office for too long on too easy a constituency. The voters want him out, and that's they way it needs to be.  Ignore the “Waxman Fanatics” who scream “Long Live Henry Waxman!” You have a campaign, a plan, a mission. You owe this district a victory against Waxman.
I met with one voter in Palos Verdes, a friend of yours who did not even know that you are running for Congress! Bill, put aside the modesty and win!
There is no excuse for your friends being out of the loop about your candidacy. Tell them that you are running.
You were a Republican and now an Independent: I don’t care. Henry Waxman cannot run on his record, and he cannot run from it, either: rejecting tax cuts, supporting handouts that impoverish instead of enrich, propping up failed green tech companies, bullying colleagues. Waxman is a disgrace. Voters North of Dockweiler will agree, if you tell them.
Waxman is no giant, Bill. Take the land, set the stage, get the word out to every Republican and every Independent and disaffected Democrats -- there is a real challenge to the challenged incumbent Henry Waxman, and that choice is Bill Bloomfield.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letter to Mark Gibson, Independent Running for VA-11

Mr. Gibson:

Virginia might benefit from two key reforms which California voters had implemented in:

1. Enact an Open Primary System, in which only the top two vote getters move on from the primary to the general election, regardless of party affiliation.

2. Establish a Citizens' Redistricting Commission. By taking away state and congressional redistricting from the legislature and the politicians and giving the power to a balanced team of Republican, Democrat, and Independent citizens, the districts will respect geographical, cultural, and economic contiguities instead of political interests, thus creating more districts in which incumbents will have to compete for their seats.

The reforms have pushed incumbents out of politics or into very competitive races in California, while allowing Independent candidates such as yourself to compete and have a chance to win.

Please visit "Waxman Watch" -- for more information about the CA-33rd Congressional race pitting Independent and "No Labels" co-founder Bill Bloomfield against founded and foundering incumbent Henry Waxman.

"We LOVE Waxman!" --(and still no reason why. . ."

From today's post on Santa Monica Patch:

I notice that Patch is being used as a platform for the campaign of the candidate trying to wrest a seat in congress from our long-standing and loudly applauded representative, Henry Waxman.
You need to know that your arguments fall on deaf ears in Santa Monica. This City has a large majority of registered democrats and we LOVE Henry Waxman.
I can't imagine anyone better suited to represent me in congress than Henry Waxman. I actually feel blessed to have him as my representative!
His "reign" has been underpinned by a large majority of very satisfied voters. He represents our views, he's effective and responsive. Since you brought up the imperial term "reign", I'll respond with an imperial slogan - "LONG LIVE HENRY WAXMAN!".

Ellen Brennan
Santa Monica

I have no problem with voters who share their appreciation for the Westside Congressman, yet this comments shares no reason why they love the guy. Once again, it seems that the "Cult of Waxman" has gotten him votes, as opposed to a political culture which nurtures freedom, integrity, and a real hope beyond what one legislators can do for me.


Congressmen are called to be our representatives, but not just ours, also representing the interests of the country and the Constitution. I am leery of any voter who looks to a politician as a surrogate parent, one who can do no wrong, and one who receives love and admiration just for "being there."

Not one policy, not one position, not one platform did this person share. Yet this writers feels compelled to speak for the entire city of Santa Monica.

This "groupthink" is in the mind of one commentator, nothing more.

When voters respond to their needs, not the peer pressure of political parties, then the voters in Santa Monica slowly but surely may start to realize that they deserve better.

I love the environment, because I happen to live here. But I do not want my quality of life to diminish so that we can save a couple of trees or preserve an endangered species.

I care about health care -- but not when the government things that it can care for our health better than local authorities and medical professionals.

I care about the shoreline from Malibu to Palos Verdes -- the government cares only about shoring up more power.

I care about people who are afflicted with AIDS -- I just believe that ministering to the soul and the spirit must take precedent before the body. Private initiative has led the way on creating drugs to combat this nasty contagion.

I care about ending smoking -- but parading Big Tobacco for the cameras did not protect one child or get on person to quit the habit.

Yet Waxman feels that government can and should do all of these things. For that reason, I do NOT "love" Waxman, and I want to see him removed from office.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The GOP Left Bloomfield

Bloomfield could field all of the empty attacks about his previous affilation with the Republican party with one pithy phrase:

" I did not leave the Republican party" -- "The Republican Party left me."

Take Reagan's rhetoric and turn the phrase on itself.

Perhaps his exit from the GOP will prompt leaders in CA and throughout the country to field more libertarian and moderate candidates.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made the argument on This Week two weeks ago that for the past four election cycles, the Republican Party all but gives up 170 electoral votes -- alienating the West Coast, the North East, and the Great Lakes states, with socially conservative positions which jar with the mantra of individual liberty and private enterprise.

If Democratic Senatorial Chairman Chuck Schumer was willing to compromise on the abortion issue and successfully endorse  pro-life Catholic Bob Casey in 2006 against the twin-but-by-party incumbent Rick Santorum, then why can't the GOP do the same?

In fact, the Congressional race in MA-6, with openly gay and pro-choice Republican Richard Tisei, may be the first step in breaking down the wedge issue which Democrats have wielded all too often against the Republican party to distract voters from the Democrats' abysmal records on crime, fiscal discipline, and national security.

Another Appeal to Brad Sherman Endorse Bloomfield

The Berman-Sherman race is getting quite a bit of attention. I have previously written (about this contentious race, so compelling that even a South Bay resident wanted to offer his opinion on the election. I understand that for many conservative and independent voters, the choice between Berman and Sherman may seem like drinking either strychnine or rat poison, but every voter deserves to have his say, and in two years another Democrat or even and Independent can take on Sherman in two years if he keeps none of his promises and refuses to reach across the aisle to work with the opposition in Congress.

In addition to the majority California Democrats which have vainly endorsed Berman, including the two US Senators, now two GOP Senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have stepped in to endorse Howard Berman.. In my opinion, the endorsement from the maverick and the moderate hurt them more than it helped Berman, who has had almost every incumbent line up behind him for support, and to no effect.

Despite the big names giving big endorsements to Berman, Brad Sherman is polling ahead of the 30 year incumbent, who bears an all too similar resemblance to the Star Wars supervillain "Emperor Palpatine." As the "intergalactic" political boss of the San Fernando Valley, Berman in modern-day dress can no longer depend on his brother Michael to shake hands and line up district boundaries to promote the selfish interests of entrenched incumbents like Howard Berman and his machine partner in politics Henry Waxman.

Early on, Congressman Henry Waxman, like a "Darth Vader" power-broker of sorts who represents the old "30th" Congressional District, tried to push Sherman out of the newly-drawn 30th Congressional district in favor his old pal Berman, yet Sherman refused. I respect a younger David-like politician refusing to be intimidated by the reproach of the elderly, Goliath-like "Berman-Waxman" machine. Moreover, Waxman has written to The Jewish Journal to blast their open, even analysis of the two legislators. Even though the Jewish Journal neglected to include Sherman's face on one cover covering prominent LA Jews, the junior Congressman commands a senior lead over the elder "statesman." Of course, I was appalled that Waxman was spending more time sticking his nose into the new 30th Congressional District instead of paying to his own election in the 33rd, which includes my West Torrance home. The Open Primary and Citizens Redistricting reforms have done good for the voters and bad for the entrenched incumbents in this state. Waxman and Berman still have not gotten the message. How arrogant and out-of-touch can a politician become?

Underdog turned front-runner Brad Sherman should endorse Independent Candidate Bill Bloomfield, the challenger in the 33rd Congressional District who is bringing down Waxman just as Sherman is bringing down Berman. Sherman wants to shore up Independent and Republican voters in the Valley. By endorsing an independent in the race just south of him, Sherman will send the message to his prospective constituents that he is willing to work across the aisle with candidates who want to work out issues, not just work on getting reelected. Berman-Waxman have focused getting themselves elected -- well, actually they have not run serious campaigns in decades. Instead, they have focused on getting other people elected.
The people choose the legislators, not the other way around, and Sherman and Bloomfield understand that. The Independent and the junior Democrat are seeking the same constituents: Republican, Democrat, and "Decline To State". They are both taking on long-term machine-politician incumbents who have been pulling the l strings of Southern California politics for too long. They both have demonstrated a willingness to reach out to everyone an a variety of issues, refusing to worry about alienating one interest just to get voters. The voters from the South Bay to the Valley are lining up to support new and young voices in Congress, including Bill Bloomfield and Brad Sherman.

Congress Sherman should consider endorsing the challenger to overlong and long-overdue to leave Congressman Henry Waxman, who has officiously been pushing against Sherman to get out of the new 30th Congressional District race from the very beginning. The Van Nuys based Congressman could put another nail into the same machine and against the same opposition which offensively presumed to decide who could and could not run in a newly-drawn Congressional district. I am pretty sure that the California Democratic Party bylaws would not prevent Sherman from supporting an Independent candidate, anyway. What's more, Sherman can start flexing his own political star power and make himself a kingmaker of sorts for the San Fernando Valley. Mr. Bloomfield has worked with members of the two major parties as well as independents. His platform appeals to all voters, and Sherman would have nothing to lose from his Democratic supports in the Valley. Besides, Bloomfield is a committed independent businessman who wants to see Congress do what is right for the country, not just do what will keep him in office for decades, like his "incumbent" challenger from Beverly Hills.
To Congressman Brad Sherman: Endorse Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd Congressional District!
The Jewish Journal

Bill Bloomfield -- Refuses to Caucus with One Party

At first, I was concerned that Bill Bloonfield's refusal to caucus with either party would stunt his effectiveness in Congress. -- Bloomfield's Interview with Libertarian/

If he does not choose sides, then where will he stand on issues? How will have any impact in Congress

Bloomfield made the case in an interview with Thomas of "Libertarian/Progressive" that his independence from special interests will make an ideal fixture in major committees.

He can make decisions that will benefit the entire country, not just his party -- since he has none -- or a special interest group -- since he is beholden to none.

Bloomfield has outlined in previous interviews that he demands that leaders of both parties come together and put him on committees were gridlock has been the rule.

On the Ways and Means Committee, he could play a crucial role in getting members of Congress to work together and respect the interests of the  majority party as well as the opposition. For the past fifty years, the Ways and Means Committee has prospered the legislation of the majority party, pushing out the interests of the minority.

An independent could broker the compromises needed to bring in minority support and get the majority caucus to consider the needs of the entire country. Imagine a team of independent minded legislators who could block unseemly legislation or who could remove easy handouts and pork barrel spending during the mark-up sessions.

Real budget reform, with tax and spending cuts and appropriate revenue increases, would be the order of the day.

Bloomfield's refusal to caucus with anyone party may strike some decline-to-state voters as naive or arrogant, yet the first step towards compelling members of Congress to work together and solve the massive debt and deficit problems in this country must take place by whatever means, and independent leadership may provide the catalyst for change.

Bloomfield on Fiscal Reform

Recently, Bill Bloomfield gave an unprecedented interview with Libertarian/Progressive Radio.

He outlined an itinerary of reforms which would accomplish much without creating waste, fraud, and bureaucracy.
Instead of 800 pages of reform of Dodd-Frank, one page delineating that taxpayer funds have adequate collateral banking them up would have been sufficient.  A similar law would have spared this country and many unsuspecting investors millions in the Savings and Loan failures in the late 1980s.

"Any bank that is "Too Big To Fail"-- has to be broken up."

"Too Big to Fail is Too Big, period." I would respond that Big Banks get bigger because of Big Government. Enforce real financial reforms which limit the scope of larger financial firms, including an end to easy subsidies and bank bailouts, and these immense firms will be forced to break down and sell themselves off.

The regulations and rules in Dodd-Frank are hurting small banks, because only the Big Banks can navigate all of those rules. Since the smaller banks are struggling to plow through all the regulations, they cannot lend any money. This point has not received enough attention. Rules and regulations end up hurting the smaller competitors, who have an incentive to play by the rules and benefit their clients effectively. As of now, smaller banks cannot lend any money, which hurt inspiring entrepreneurs who want to expand their operations and hire people. Big Government helps Big Banks and creates Big Problems.
Glass-Steagall needs to be reconsidered. Occupy Protestors have made this argument in Torrance, separating investmetn and commercial banking. Strong libertarians like Murray Rothbard supported the same measure, a "legal form of fraud" which he terms "fractional reserve banking".

Bloomfield also targeted the obvious -- there is too much legislation, which is benefitting special interests at the expense of the country and the taxpayer. Bloomfield refuses to take party boss or special interest money. This issue should be enough to give him the race against Henry "Congress Rich" Waxman.

ObamaCare contained one nasty provision throttling price and market exchanges, which Congressman Waxman defended: prohibiting the federal Congress from negotiating drug prices.

Bloomfield also attacked Sarbanes-Oxley, another archaic piece of legislation which has gotten let press but deserves more attetion.  An "overreacting to Enron", according to the candidate, the law failed to deal with liabilities that companies would hide off of their accounting balance sheets.

The real problem with Enron: Preventing accounting firms from auditing and advising about investment. I am surprised and pleased that Bloomfield commands a wide field of knowledge about financial and banking matters, a level of expertise matched with his independent status which will serve his constituents well in Congress.

"No More Solyndras" Passes

The House of Representatives, the one chamber that is getting things done, including passing a budget, just passed the "No More Solyndras" Act.

Following the fallout from the Mainstream Media, which could no longer ignore the multiple green tech companies which went bankrupt, taking down in their financial failure billions of taxpayer dollars. Even KABC-7 put up an extensive spread on the hybrid vehicle industries which have American federal subsidies, only to spend the money hiring foreign workers in different countries. Even the companies which seem to be doing well are not using the funds as Congress had expected.

Green loan guarantees have been a non-starter from the beginning. The Obama Administration has been picking and choosing "winners" and "losers" over these subsidies. The whole matter should offend more people.

Reuters reported the following:

"This is not serious legislation, it's a political bill," said Henry Waxman, the top Democrat on the House Energy panel.

"They've been dancing on the grave of Solyndra for so long. Enough is enough," said Waxman, who blamed Chinese subsidies for the failure of Solyndra.

In another example of the rank hypocrisy, the ranking member of the House Energy Committee demonizes the party in power, yet how many times did "Bully Pulpit" Waxman manipulate hearings to intimidate CEOs and play for the camera? Waxman defines political theater, going out of his way earlier this year to snidely insinuate that the XL Keystone extension is rushing through the House because the Koch Brothers have "bought" so many Congressman.

How many interest groups have contributed to your coffers, Mr. Waxman?

Regarding "dancing on the grave of Solyndra", if Mr. Waxman is not careful, the voters in the 33rd Congressional District will be dancing on his political grave. This election will end of an unremarkable career in politics which epitomizes the worst about crass career politicians, including these unthinking and unfruitful loan guarantees.

Monday, September 17, 2012

"The Jewish Journal" on the 33rd Congressional District Race

The Jewish Journalprinted a piece on the unprecedented Congressional campaign in the newly drawn 33rd Congressional District. After so much asking, they came through at least. Thank you!

I was not pleased with the mark-up of Independent Bill Bloomfield. The Manhattan Beach native may be running from his Republican past, but Henry Waxman cannot retreat from his liberal-progressive record of tax and spend statism, a political posture unknown and unwelcome in the South Bay, as well as losing respect and support in Southern California.

In spite of disagreeing with some of Bloomfield’s positions on issues, I believe that he is a better fit for the South Bay, than a Congressman who has not yet launched a real campaign. The Santa Monica Bay deserves better than an “entrenched incumbent” running for an unprecedented nineteenth term touting oversight hearings into steroid use, ObamaCare, and failed loan guarantees.

Waxman even admitted that he was asking for help: “This is a time when I really need it.” Finally, incumbents like Waxman are learning that they have to earn their seat in Congress.

Hopefully, the Berman-Waxman machine is coming to a long-overdue end. On November 6th, voters should elect Bill Bloomfield and Brad Sherman.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

End the Tenure of Henry "Bully Pulpit" Waxman

Congressman Waxman has been afraid to admit that his Obama-WaxmanCare legislation would have brought nothing but harm on companies throughout the United States.

Henry "Bully Pulpit" Waxman has gone too far.

He has pursued Tobacco CEOs, with nothing to show for the Witch Hunt but the same careless perjury of Corporate executives who paid off millions to trial lawyers and gave Congressman Waxman a forum to promote himself.

He attacked the Bush Administration at every turn, yet when his own party was engaged in check-kiting and other overwriting scandals, wasting taxpayer dollars in the process, he had nothing to say.

His two signature pieces of legislation, Waxman-Markey and Obama-WaxmanCare, were so laden with handouts and sellouts, one wonders when someone in Washington will have the courage to take Waxman to task and drag him before a Committee hearing.

However, every member of Congress enjoys immunity while serving on the floor of the House or the Senate, so no doubt nothing will happen.

Waxman went after baseball players in major league sports, trying to take down steroid abuse, yet he abused his subpoena powers by flippantly indicting individual players who were not involved in steroid abuse. Only the segment from "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" targeted Waxman for his unconscionable lack of knowledge about this country's steroid laws, even while pursuing people in committee.

Thankfully, Congressman Joe Barton of Texas had the courage to hold Waxman accountable for trying to intimidate companies which were issuing massive tax--write offs bcause oof the projected monumental increases in health care costs resulting from Obama-WaxmanCare.

T he Oversight Committee should hold our leaders accountable, whether they are headed by members of the same party as the President or not. Yet to go on fishing expeditions looking to indict or malign the case or the character of select companies is just inexcusable.

Congressman Waxman has commandeered the Bully Pulpit long enough. It's time to send this corporate bully into the corner once and for all.

Throw the Loud Lout with Clout Out of Office!

Congressman Henry Waxman has been in power since 1975, elected with the opposition class of 1974, a sharp rebuke to  Congress  following the Watergate scandal. What started as an opposition candidate has turned into an established stalwart of the reactionary liberalism of the Carter era.

The common argument from independents and undecided voters in the 33d Congressional District hinges on whether they want a Congressman with seniority and experience, or a new Congressman with fresh ideas and no political baggage.

Henry Waxman has been in office for 38 years, when the Democrats were in power, and when they were out of power. Yet the deficits keep getting bigger, the national debt gets larger, and he refuses to do anything to stop the spending.

"I love to legislate" is Waxman's mantra, yet for all his talk about loving to legislate, this man has done nothing to modify the Clean Water Act, which twice in the past six years has been limited by the Supreme Court, still waiting for Congress to clarify whatever is wrong or missing in the law.

Despite all of these provisions, this country has lost billions from entitlements gone wild, about which Congressman Waxman has done nothing, beyond spearheading the $700 billion dollar raid of Medicare to help fund ObamaCare. How many more millions have we lost because of Solyndra and other federal loan guarantees to green tech companies, loans which Waxman supported?

Henry Waxman, the Rottweiler of the House of Representatives, has at best a mixed record for oversight hearings.

In 1994, Waxman went after the Big Tobacco CEOs -- "The Seven Dwarves" -- and to what purpose? Today, Big Tobacco cannot market to minors, granted. However, humiliating those seven corporate executives before the camera to lie under oath, did more for trial lawyers than for consumers and health care advocates. And where was he during the 1992-1994 post office and check-kiting scandals which ended the Democratic Majorities in Congress for the first time in over forty years?

He prevented Big Tobacco from selling to minors. He pressed for nutrition labels on our foods. Frankly, I am glad that he went after the Bush Administration for the billions of dollars in waste during the Iraqi Conflict. All of these measures are good, but like embattled incumbent President Obama, Waxman is dragging on successes from the past, since he cannot run on his current record.

In three phrases, this is Waxman’s modern-day legacy:

"I don't know!" --- I was appalled not just by his blunt ignorance of the steroid laws in this country,  when at the same time this man was running Oversight hearings on steroid abuse in baseball. In a July interview with CNN, Waxman claimed that this country is in the midst of a recession, then he claims that we are in a depression. He calls the compulsory purchase of health insurance “an individual mandate that is enforced by a tax”, even though it’s a tax per the Supreme Court. In the same interview, Waxman speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Do we really need any more unclear politicians in Washington?


"I'm sorry!" --- He said “I’m sorry that Solyndra happened,” yet still he screams about how Republicans are anti-science and anti-women. However, ObamaCare, one of the largest expansions of the federal government in recent history, is forcing hospitals to close, which deprives men and women of appropriate access to affordable health insurance and adequate health care.

"We're not broke!" ---  This country is facing a $16  trillion national debt, yet twice in open committee, Waxman announces:  “We’re Not Broke!”  All of these statements were in response to the looming problems hitting this country, including the red ink tsunami of creditors who will refuse to buy up this country's debt, if no one in Washington does anything about it.

Waxman has had thirty-eight years to advance real health care reform. He dumped on this country "ObamaCare", a poorly written, terribly planned, and overwhelming bad piece of legislation, which is now eating away at the already crippled health insurance industry.

Bill Bloomfield has established businesses in the state of California. He has led efforts to end lawsuit abuse, support gang prevention, and provide healthcare to mothers in third-world countries. Bloomfield spear-headed the Open Primary and Citizens Redistricting initiatives, as opposed to letting politicians draw the lines which protect incumbents and maintain the extreme, uncompromising hegemony of today's politics. He has also pushed forward Prop 32, which would protect the employee's paychecks from the unaccountable union power-grab which takes the employee's money and spends the money on candidates who bolster the wealth and health of union bosses, but do nothing for the state, the worker, or the taxpayer.

Instead of an “experienced” politician, one whose expertise is expiring, the Santa Monica Bay should elect an “experienced citizen”, one who has contribute to the community, politically and economically, before he decided to run for office.

Vote for Bill Bloomfield.  As for Henry Waxman: “Throw the Loud Lout with "Clout" Out of Office.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Waxman Attacks Obama

Still Smiling -- But Not for Long

 Congressman Waxman screamed about impeachment during the second term of the Bush Administration, but now he soft-pedals the same corruption which is emanating from the Obama White House.

Still, his remarkable turn to criticize the president deserves some consideration.

Why did he say so little, though, in chiding the Obama Administration, that they need to hold their own accountable when it comes to transparency and integrity?

If there is any time to impeach a president, Obama certainly deserves the dishonor.

How many laws has he refused to enforce, an immoral decision for a man who is charged with executing the law of the land? He has instructed his Attorney General not to defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

He has refused to enforce the immigration laws in this country, passing a DREAM-Act Lite amnesty in the face of Congress' refusal to pass a similar program.

President Obama has enthroned czars to the extreme, regulating and micromanaging issues without any respect to the rule of law in this country.

The President has refused to take our troops out of Afghanistan or Iraq, even though one of his campaign pledges included ending this country's involvement in these conflicts.

The President has openly insulted the Supreme Court, undermining their dutiful role of ruling on the constitutionality of selected legislation. ObamaCare was a massive government power grab, one which the Supreme Court neatly tailored as passable only as an extensive tax.

The LA-Congressman had no problem scolding President Obama for the lack of transparency, yet he has enthusiastically received the President's endorsement, a politician who for the first time in over thirty years is facing a real challenge to his reign in Congress.

Friday, September 14, 2012

John Dingell -- Endorse Bill Bloomfield!

John Dingell And Henry Waxman
Mr. Dingell Has a Chance to Help Unseat
The Man who Unseated Him
Congressman John Dingell may still be in a mood to settle a score or two with incumbent Henry Waxman.

After the 2008 wipeout which brought in more Democrats to the House and Senate, Henry Waxman started an intra-party fight which allowed him to take the Chairmanship of the House Energy Committee.

I am aware that the blood has been bad between the two since then. Mr. Dingell was pro-automotive and anti-green, while Mr. Waxman has proposed legislation which has nothing to do with helping this country create jobs or maintaining this country's edge in car manufacturing.

The friction among members in the same party may move you to reconsider. Do you not believe that the constituents in your district would be better served by an independent with respect to moderate tax and budget reforms?

Mr. Dingell, why not support Mr. Waxman's challenger Bill Bloomfield in the current race taking place in the 33rd Congressional District?

Perhaps this request is such a long-shot. Understandably, you would not consider endorsing a challenger to someone in your own party. Still, my asking was worth it, in my opinion.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Brad Sherman -- Endorse Bill Bloomfield!

To Congressman Sherman: Endorse Bill Bloomfield!
The Berman-Sherman race is getting quite a bit of attention.

Every member of the California Democratic caucus has endorsed Berman, along with the two US Senators, Barbara Boxed and Diane Feinstein.

Recently, GOP Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham stepped in to endorse Howard Berman, presumably because of his seniority has his stronger record of supporting Israel.

Despite the big names giving big endorsements to Berman, Brad Sherman is polling ahead of the 30 year incumbent, the "Emperor Palpatine" in modern-day dress who can no longer depend on his brother to shake hands and line up district boundaries in the best interests of entrenched incumbents like Berman and his machine partner in politics Henry Waxman.

Early on, Waxman tried to push Sherman out of the newly-drawn 30th Congressional district in favor his old pal Berman, yet Sherman refused to budge. Twice Waxman has written to the Jewish Journal to blast their open, even analysis of the two legislators. Even though the Jewish Journal neglected to include Sherman's face on one cover covering prominent LA Jews, the junior Congressman commands a senior lead over the elder "statesman"

Sherman ought to consider endorsing Independent Candidate Bill Bloomfield, the challenger who can bring down Waxman just as Sherman is bringing down Berman.

Sherman wants to shore up Independent and Republican voters. By endorsing an independent in the race just south of him, Sherman will send the message to voters that he is willing to work across the aisle and working with candidates who want to work out issues, not just work on getting reelected.
Bloomfield and Sherman are seeking the same constituents - everyone. They are both taking on long-term machine-politician incumbents who have been pulling the levers and strings of Southern California politics for too long. They both have demonstrated a willingness to reach out to everyone, regardless of party.

Sherman should consider endorsing the challenger to the same Congressman who has been pushing against him to get out of the race from the very beginning. I am pretty sure that Democratic bylaws would not prevent Sherman from supporting an independent candidate, either. What's more, Sherman can start flexing his own political star power and make himself the new kingmaker for the San Fernando Valley.

Waxman's Letter on Keystone Pipeline

Always Writing Letters --- No One is Reading

Congressman Waxman loves to issues letters.

As chairman of the Energy and then the Oversight Committee in the House, Waxman would dash of subpoenas against renegade corporations, business elites, and even members of the opposition, when they held sway in the Executive Mansion.

His latest target, the extension of the XL Keystone Pipeline, would bring in an unprecedented amount of oil into the United States, which would have "an impact" on climate change.

The old harangue about affecting the environment finds no rest and quiet with this man. He still insists that Republicans are denying science, while he still denies that debts, deficits, and government gridlock are commanding more concern with voters than the change in the weather.

Since he has been demoted to chief ranking member of the Energy Committee,  the Congressman sends out letters, now that he is bereft of the bully pulpit and the power to compel witnesses.

His reasons are not compelling, nor is his partisanship encouraging. Energy Committee Chairman Ed Whitfield already took him to task once for trying to distract committee members from a key vote on the XLKeystone Pipeline. Still, Waxman keeps writing those letters.

Letters that even the Obama Administration has no interest in returning or responding to.

Let's save the forests -- retire Waxman, and end the endless letters of reprisal and inquiry from a Congressman who has investigated much yet initiated all too little.

Ezekiel's Take on Waxman's Good Work

I wish that Republicans had taken on the Bush's War in Iraq. I commend Congressman Waxman for leading the charge on uncovering multi-billion dollar waste in Iraq. Yet I am reminded of  a verse from the prophet Ezekiel:

The Prophet Ezekiel
"But when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth, shall he live? All his righteousness that he hath done shall not be mentioned: in his trespass that he hath trespassed, and in his sin that he hath sinned, in them shall he die." (Ezekiel 18: 24)

The one righteous deed of going after Bush and Iraq does not mitigate the underlying realities of the following. The Seven Dwarves who perjured themselves before Waxman:  They lied, people died, yet they only had to pay billions in civil torts. Not one of the went to jail, protected by the immunity which CEOs endure as the head of their prospective companies.

I wonder where Waxman was, or what he was up to, when members of Congress were caught up in the Post Office and the Check-kiting scandals which brought down he Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate in 1994?t

I am not pleased when I find that the same Congressman who demanded that our foods have nutrition labels -- now refuses to support the XL Keystone Pipeline extension, which will bring down the cost of oil, gas, and provide relief for fuel consumers who are witnessing the increase of food prices.

Waxman: One Righteous Deed is Not Enough
Waxman did a good thing going after the waste and fraud of the Bush Administration in Iraq. I just wish that he had pursued members of his own party with the same assiduousness. Then again, the expansion of government power will inevitably breed corruption. What else can we hope for from a liberal legislator who loves to legislate?

From ignorance about this country's steroid laws, to the billions that this country has lost on federal loan guarantees to failed green companies, to the blatant and arrogance indifference to the national debt, Mr. Waxman's former victories over Big Tobacco and Big Food do not compensate for his repeated failures to stay informed and stay involved in the needs of his constituents.

Retire Congressman Waxman November 6th!

Ezekiel on Waxman: An Extended View

Ezekiel's Take on Waxman's Good Work
Speaking with voters throughout the 33rd Congressional District, one of the chief compliments I hear about Congressman Henry Waxman is that he went after the Bush Administration when the government was running up $12 billion in waste during the Iraq war. There was also the  $700 million US Embassy constructed in Baghdad, which rivaled the Vatican in size and scope.

I understood, Waxman’s outrage regarding Condoleezza's inability to recall key elements of the Bush Administration’s choice to invade Iraq. I understand that many people in this country are angry at both parties, which have chosen their respective interests to divert taxpayer dollars to fund.

I wish that Republicans in Congress had taken on the Bush's War in Iraq. I commend Congressman Waxman for leading the charge on uncovering multi-billion dollar waste in Iraq. He wanted to impeach President Bush, but why has Waxman said nothing in the face of absentee President Barack Obama, a progressive who has exploded our government debt by $5 trillion dollars in one term, with nothing but stagnating economic recovery, unremitting unemployment, and increasing waste and fraud in this country? Obama has not even gotten our troops out of Afghanistan yet!
Since Congressman Henry Waxman has been reaching into the past in order to justify his returning to Congress for an unprecedented nineteenth term, I see no reason why the voters in the 33rd Congressional District should not also consider his selective enforcement of subpoena power while serving as Chairman of the Energy or the Oversight Committees.

Based on his hit-and-miss record, despite his reputation as a “Eliot Ness Reformer”, Congressman Henry Waxman is just another partisan playing to his party.
Congressman Waxman ought to explain his lack of outrage on the following issues:

There was the Congressman when the House of Representatives was caught up in the Post Office Scandal and the Check-Kiting Scandal, both of  which brought down the Democratic majorities in the House and the Senate in 1994? Certainly, Mr. Waxman would have been wise enough to hold his own party accountable just to save his party’s majority. Or would he?

When Democrats returned to power in 2008, Waxman started an intraparty fight with Michigan Congressman John Dingell, who then and now remains the longest (self)-serving politician in Congress. Waxman won the Chairmanship of the Energy Committee by a close vote, with the resulting job-killing regulation-bingeing Waxman-Markey bill (“Cap and Trade”) legislation rammed through Congress on another close vote .

When ObamaCare was facing difficult opposition from voters in the country, including a number of companies who were going to issue massive tax-write offs because of the horrendous rise in projected  healthcare costs, Waxman  threatened to call another committee hearing to intimidate those CEOs into revising their write-offs, yet Waxman backed off at the last minute, partly because of ranking House Energy Committee member Joe Barton's exposure of Waxman’s attempt at political theater.  The uproar from corporate America and the country was more than “Bully Pulpit” Waxman was prepared for.

In spite of all the “claimed good” that Congressman Waxman has accomplished,  I am reminded of a verse from the prophet Ezekiel:

"But when the righteous turneth away from his righteousness, and committeth iniquity, and doeth according to all the abominations that the wicked man doeth, shall he live? All his righteousness that he hath done shall not be mentioned: in his trespass that he hath trespassed, and in his sin that he hath sinned, in them shall he die." (Ezekiel 18: 24)

Congressman Waxman’s “righteous” deed of going after Bush and Iraq does not mitigate the underlying failures of  the the Big Tobacco hearings in 1994. The Tobacco CEOs -- The Seven Dwarves -- perjured themselves before Waxman:  They lied, people died, yet they only had to pay billions in civil torts. Not one of them went to jail.. Those hearings were more about scandal and scene-stealing than about the public welfare.

I am not pleased when I find that the same Congressman who demanded that our foods have nutrition labels -- now refuses to support the XL Keystone Pipeline extension, which will bring down the cost of oil, gas, and provide relief for fuel consumers who are witnessing an unprecedented increase in food prices.

I wish Waxman had pursued members of his own party with the same assiduousness. After nineteen green tech companies have gone bankrupt, taking down billions of taxpayer dollars, Waxman merely mentions: “I’m sorry!” The expansion and expense of government power will inevitably breed corruption, waste, and fraud, yet what else can we hope for if a liberal legislator who “loves to legislate” sees nothing wrong with expanding government power into healthcare and environmentalism?

From ignorance about this country's steroid laws, to the billions that this country has lost on federal loan guarantees, to his blatant indifference to the national debt, Mr. Waxman's former victories over Big Tobacco, Big Food or Big Iraq do not compensate for his repeated failures to stay informed and stay involved in the needs of his constituents.


On November 6th, end the reign of Congressman Henry Waxman.

Waxman Attacks Ryan's Voucher Plan

Henry Waxman is no fan of Paul Ryan's voucher plan.

Yet ObamaCare is eating away at the remaining and ever-dwindling revenue of hospitals around the country. Plus the regulations and paperwork landing on physicians is pushing a greater number of doctors to leave the profession.

Waxman -- Fuzzy on HealthCare Reform
Ryan's plan may be unpopular to the Big Government junta in Congress, of which Waxman is the Chief, but at least he proposed something to get people talking about these issues.

Mr. Waxman should not be attacking anyone who is willing to propose real solutions to this country's current fiscal straits.

Should seniors should get catastrophic care only? They should have more freedom to choose a plan, in which they invest the money that they receive -- "prudent shoppers".

Anthem insurance is going up 38% because of ObamaCare.

The voucher will be a competitive option if we get rid of Obama-WaxmanCare.

Get rid of Waxman, get rid of Obama-WaxmanCare, health care premiums will go down, and the vouchers will purchase adequate coverage for seniors.

Waxman loves to talk about holding down healthcare costs. Then why did he vote against Health Savings Accounts? Why has he authored a law that will not provide a subsidy for families if the employed head of household receives coverage through his employer?

Mr. Waxman's comments were disingenuous all the way through his comments during the above hearing.

Bloomfield: Supports Simpson-Bowles

Debt and deficit reduction are a must.

Bloomfield has outlined already that he wants to end corporate subsidies. But what else does Bill want to do about the tax-and-spend cult which has taken over Washington D. C.?

Revenue increases through closing loopholes is the way to go.

This is the kind of compromise that the voters in Washington are looking for.

I do not support everything in Simpson-Bowles, yet the nature of compromise includes the unshakable element that no one will walk away with everything that they want.

Bloomfield has advanced this proposal as the template that will help bring our national debt back under control.

With Paul Ryan's voucher plan for Medicare, plus the repeal of ObamaCare, this Congress will be back on track to fiscal solvency and economic recovery.