Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Appeal to Brad Sherman Endorse Bloomfield

The Berman-Sherman race is getting quite a bit of attention. I have previously written (about this contentious race, so compelling that even a South Bay resident wanted to offer his opinion on the election. I understand that for many conservative and independent voters, the choice between Berman and Sherman may seem like drinking either strychnine or rat poison, but every voter deserves to have his say, and in two years another Democrat or even and Independent can take on Sherman in two years if he keeps none of his promises and refuses to reach across the aisle to work with the opposition in Congress.

In addition to the majority California Democrats which have vainly endorsed Berman, including the two US Senators, now two GOP Senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, have stepped in to endorse Howard Berman.. In my opinion, the endorsement from the maverick and the moderate hurt them more than it helped Berman, who has had almost every incumbent line up behind him for support, and to no effect.

Despite the big names giving big endorsements to Berman, Brad Sherman is polling ahead of the 30 year incumbent, who bears an all too similar resemblance to the Star Wars supervillain "Emperor Palpatine." As the "intergalactic" political boss of the San Fernando Valley, Berman in modern-day dress can no longer depend on his brother Michael to shake hands and line up district boundaries to promote the selfish interests of entrenched incumbents like Howard Berman and his machine partner in politics Henry Waxman.

Early on, Congressman Henry Waxman, like a "Darth Vader" power-broker of sorts who represents the old "30th" Congressional District, tried to push Sherman out of the newly-drawn 30th Congressional district in favor his old pal Berman, yet Sherman refused. I respect a younger David-like politician refusing to be intimidated by the reproach of the elderly, Goliath-like "Berman-Waxman" machine. Moreover, Waxman has written to The Jewish Journal to blast their open, even analysis of the two legislators. Even though the Jewish Journal neglected to include Sherman's face on one cover covering prominent LA Jews, the junior Congressman commands a senior lead over the elder "statesman." Of course, I was appalled that Waxman was spending more time sticking his nose into the new 30th Congressional District instead of paying to his own election in the 33rd, which includes my West Torrance home. The Open Primary and Citizens Redistricting reforms have done good for the voters and bad for the entrenched incumbents in this state. Waxman and Berman still have not gotten the message. How arrogant and out-of-touch can a politician become?

Underdog turned front-runner Brad Sherman should endorse Independent Candidate Bill Bloomfield, the challenger in the 33rd Congressional District who is bringing down Waxman just as Sherman is bringing down Berman. Sherman wants to shore up Independent and Republican voters in the Valley. By endorsing an independent in the race just south of him, Sherman will send the message to his prospective constituents that he is willing to work across the aisle with candidates who want to work out issues, not just work on getting reelected. Berman-Waxman have focused getting themselves elected -- well, actually they have not run serious campaigns in decades. Instead, they have focused on getting other people elected.
The people choose the legislators, not the other way around, and Sherman and Bloomfield understand that. The Independent and the junior Democrat are seeking the same constituents: Republican, Democrat, and "Decline To State". They are both taking on long-term machine-politician incumbents who have been pulling the l strings of Southern California politics for too long. They both have demonstrated a willingness to reach out to everyone an a variety of issues, refusing to worry about alienating one interest just to get voters. The voters from the South Bay to the Valley are lining up to support new and young voices in Congress, including Bill Bloomfield and Brad Sherman.

Congress Sherman should consider endorsing the challenger to overlong and long-overdue to leave Congressman Henry Waxman, who has officiously been pushing against Sherman to get out of the new 30th Congressional District race from the very beginning. The Van Nuys based Congressman could put another nail into the same machine and against the same opposition which offensively presumed to decide who could and could not run in a newly-drawn Congressional district. I am pretty sure that the California Democratic Party bylaws would not prevent Sherman from supporting an Independent candidate, anyway. What's more, Sherman can start flexing his own political star power and make himself a kingmaker of sorts for the San Fernando Valley. Mr. Bloomfield has worked with members of the two major parties as well as independents. His platform appeals to all voters, and Sherman would have nothing to lose from his Democratic supports in the Valley. Besides, Bloomfield is a committed independent businessman who wants to see Congress do what is right for the country, not just do what will keep him in office for decades, like his "incumbent" challenger from Beverly Hills.
To Congressman Brad Sherman: Endorse Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd Congressional District!
The Jewish Journal

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