Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"We LOVE Waxman!" --(and still no reason why. . ."

From today's post on Santa Monica Patch:

I notice that Patch is being used as a platform for the campaign of the candidate trying to wrest a seat in congress from our long-standing and loudly applauded representative, Henry Waxman.
You need to know that your arguments fall on deaf ears in Santa Monica. This City has a large majority of registered democrats and we LOVE Henry Waxman.
I can't imagine anyone better suited to represent me in congress than Henry Waxman. I actually feel blessed to have him as my representative!
His "reign" has been underpinned by a large majority of very satisfied voters. He represents our views, he's effective and responsive. Since you brought up the imperial term "reign", I'll respond with an imperial slogan - "LONG LIVE HENRY WAXMAN!".

Ellen Brennan
Santa Monica

I have no problem with voters who share their appreciation for the Westside Congressman, yet this comments shares no reason why they love the guy. Once again, it seems that the "Cult of Waxman" has gotten him votes, as opposed to a political culture which nurtures freedom, integrity, and a real hope beyond what one legislators can do for me.


Congressmen are called to be our representatives, but not just ours, also representing the interests of the country and the Constitution. I am leery of any voter who looks to a politician as a surrogate parent, one who can do no wrong, and one who receives love and admiration just for "being there."

Not one policy, not one position, not one platform did this person share. Yet this writers feels compelled to speak for the entire city of Santa Monica.

This "groupthink" is in the mind of one commentator, nothing more.

When voters respond to their needs, not the peer pressure of political parties, then the voters in Santa Monica slowly but surely may start to realize that they deserve better.

I love the environment, because I happen to live here. But I do not want my quality of life to diminish so that we can save a couple of trees or preserve an endangered species.

I care about health care -- but not when the government things that it can care for our health better than local authorities and medical professionals.

I care about the shoreline from Malibu to Palos Verdes -- the government cares only about shoring up more power.

I care about people who are afflicted with AIDS -- I just believe that ministering to the soul and the spirit must take precedent before the body. Private initiative has led the way on creating drugs to combat this nasty contagion.

I care about ending smoking -- but parading Big Tobacco for the cameras did not protect one child or get on person to quit the habit.

Yet Waxman feels that government can and should do all of these things. For that reason, I do NOT "love" Waxman, and I want to see him removed from office.

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