Monday, September 3, 2012

AES and Henry Waxman: Another Telling Comparison

Two issues are prominent in the minds of Beach City residents. First of all, the divisive debate over whether to maintain, modify, or close down the AES Power Plant in Redondo has motivated residents to stake an opinion or a claim on the best interests of the future of the city. The other electoral matter, whether or city and our future will be best served by electing LA Congressman Henry Waxman to another term in office.

Congressman Henry Waxman has commented that the would like the AES to be shut down. On a related note, he is appealing to the same Beach Cities residents to elect him. For the first time in over thirty years, Congressman Henry Waxman is actively campaigning to keep his seat in Congress.

The power plant and the powerhouse Congressman have many things in common.

They are both very powerful fixtures in their respective environments. The power plant in Redondo Beach is one of 132 plants which AES owns throughout the world. This plant provides energy for homes and businesses in the surrounding region. Like the LA-based Congressman, the power plant has a long and storied history, changing owners yet never closing down. Waxman has changed district representation, ever so slightly, over the last three decades, yet not once has he faced a serious challenge to his standing in Congress. He is a powerful machine politician who has helped energized local and national elections in the West LA area.

AES Power Plant in Redondo Beach
Both have been heavily involved in the growing conflict between going green as in expanding the environment and going green as in expanding the economy. The AES plant is in the crossroads between city activists who want a more appealing and welcoming waterfront, and the city leaders who want to improve their city without going to court over it. The desire for green energy and green living space can converge or diverge in this political issue.

Both take up a lot of space and blow a lot of hot air. Henry Waxman has spent a greater part of his tenure in Congress going after Big Tobacco or Steroid Use, with nothing to show for the poorly spent time and energy, besides witnessing Congressman Waxman make himself the center of attention in Washington politics. Like the smoke-stacks which block the ocean view along the Redondo Beach waterfront, it's time to take down the political smoke stack Henry Waxman, who if elected may block the best interests of individual liberty and private enterprise in the South Bay.

Thus, the most telling and compelling comparison between the AES Power Plant and Congressman Henry Waxman: Both are long-overdue for downsizing and closure. While the AES plant can implement innovation, taking up less space and providing more energy, Congressman Henry Waxman merely takes up space in Congress, pursuing inane and harmful legislation, like Cap and Trade and ObamaCare. While the AES operators are willing to work with the community to improve the well-being of the region, Congressman Waxman is a resolute partisan who has done nothing to pay down the national debt, cut the annual deficits, and

Henry Waxman: Pollutant Long Overdue
For Closure
Like many of the residents of Redondo Beach, Independent candidate Bill Bloomfield wants the AES plant to close, and he also wants to close down the 38-year tenure of Henry Waxman. Bloomfield's candidacy will provide solutions to the vexing problems which will only get worse, not better, without principled bipartisan compromise. Bloomfield is a resident of the Beach Cities. He is an independent who cares about our physical and our fiscal environment, unlike Congressman Waxman, whose policies and platform hurt the green on our lawns and the green in our pockets.

Unlike the political process currently in the works between the Redondo Beach City Council and the private owners of the Redondo Beach power plant, Henry Waxman has no record of compromise or bipartisanship, ramming unpopular legislation through Congress, which pass on the slimmest of margins without input or support from the opposition party or more moderate members of his own caucus.

In addition to, I would like to start another petition in Redondo Beach and throughout the Beach Cities: -- or better yet, please visit Waxman Watch --

To the residents of the Beach Cities in the 33rd Congressional district, please join me in supporting a principled and orderly closure of the AES Power Plant and Congressman Henry Waxman.

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