Saturday, September 22, 2012

Bloomfield in the Santa Monica Daily Press

Bloomfield wants to build bridges, or at least that was the claim in his recent interview with the Santa Monica Daily Press.

Yet there is one important element before he goes about building bridges -- he must cross the bridge from challenge to campaign to election in the 33rd Congressional District.

Like his interview in the Pacific Palisades Post, Bloomfield told us more about his views on social as as fiscal issues.

His views on marriage and abortion may rub Republican voters the wrong way, but Waxman's views on everything are enough to rub him out of office once and for all.

Enough with the petty sniping about "partisanship."

Although I understand that Mr. Bloomfield has no intention of harming or repulsing the Santa Monica vote. Still, a candidate must take a stand against his opponent as much as standing on principle.

I am glad that Mr. Bloomfield also identified Mr. Waxman's unconscionable and up-to-now unnoticed failure to provide proper care and cover for the many LA-area Veterans who are still without a home, who do not receive adequate care, whose proper residence on the Brentwood VA grounds has been rented out to non-profits and private interests at the expense of our veterans.

Someone must stop the abuse of public lands for private uses for which the original testators never intended.

Mr. Bloomfield, lead the way!

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