Sunday, September 16, 2012

Throw the Loud Lout with Clout Out of Office!

Congressman Henry Waxman has been in power since 1975, elected with the opposition class of 1974, a sharp rebuke to  Congress  following the Watergate scandal. What started as an opposition candidate has turned into an established stalwart of the reactionary liberalism of the Carter era.

The common argument from independents and undecided voters in the 33d Congressional District hinges on whether they want a Congressman with seniority and experience, or a new Congressman with fresh ideas and no political baggage.

Henry Waxman has been in office for 38 years, when the Democrats were in power, and when they were out of power. Yet the deficits keep getting bigger, the national debt gets larger, and he refuses to do anything to stop the spending.

"I love to legislate" is Waxman's mantra, yet for all his talk about loving to legislate, this man has done nothing to modify the Clean Water Act, which twice in the past six years has been limited by the Supreme Court, still waiting for Congress to clarify whatever is wrong or missing in the law.

Despite all of these provisions, this country has lost billions from entitlements gone wild, about which Congressman Waxman has done nothing, beyond spearheading the $700 billion dollar raid of Medicare to help fund ObamaCare. How many more millions have we lost because of Solyndra and other federal loan guarantees to green tech companies, loans which Waxman supported?

Henry Waxman, the Rottweiler of the House of Representatives, has at best a mixed record for oversight hearings.

In 1994, Waxman went after the Big Tobacco CEOs -- "The Seven Dwarves" -- and to what purpose? Today, Big Tobacco cannot market to minors, granted. However, humiliating those seven corporate executives before the camera to lie under oath, did more for trial lawyers than for consumers and health care advocates. And where was he during the 1992-1994 post office and check-kiting scandals which ended the Democratic Majorities in Congress for the first time in over forty years?

He prevented Big Tobacco from selling to minors. He pressed for nutrition labels on our foods. Frankly, I am glad that he went after the Bush Administration for the billions of dollars in waste during the Iraqi Conflict. All of these measures are good, but like embattled incumbent President Obama, Waxman is dragging on successes from the past, since he cannot run on his current record.

In three phrases, this is Waxman’s modern-day legacy:

"I don't know!" --- I was appalled not just by his blunt ignorance of the steroid laws in this country,  when at the same time this man was running Oversight hearings on steroid abuse in baseball. In a July interview with CNN, Waxman claimed that this country is in the midst of a recession, then he claims that we are in a depression. He calls the compulsory purchase of health insurance “an individual mandate that is enforced by a tax”, even though it’s a tax per the Supreme Court. In the same interview, Waxman speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Do we really need any more unclear politicians in Washington?


"I'm sorry!" --- He said “I’m sorry that Solyndra happened,” yet still he screams about how Republicans are anti-science and anti-women. However, ObamaCare, one of the largest expansions of the federal government in recent history, is forcing hospitals to close, which deprives men and women of appropriate access to affordable health insurance and adequate health care.

"We're not broke!" ---  This country is facing a $16  trillion national debt, yet twice in open committee, Waxman announces:  “We’re Not Broke!”  All of these statements were in response to the looming problems hitting this country, including the red ink tsunami of creditors who will refuse to buy up this country's debt, if no one in Washington does anything about it.

Waxman has had thirty-eight years to advance real health care reform. He dumped on this country "ObamaCare", a poorly written, terribly planned, and overwhelming bad piece of legislation, which is now eating away at the already crippled health insurance industry.

Bill Bloomfield has established businesses in the state of California. He has led efforts to end lawsuit abuse, support gang prevention, and provide healthcare to mothers in third-world countries. Bloomfield spear-headed the Open Primary and Citizens Redistricting initiatives, as opposed to letting politicians draw the lines which protect incumbents and maintain the extreme, uncompromising hegemony of today's politics. He has also pushed forward Prop 32, which would protect the employee's paychecks from the unaccountable union power-grab which takes the employee's money and spends the money on candidates who bolster the wealth and health of union bosses, but do nothing for the state, the worker, or the taxpayer.

Instead of an “experienced” politician, one whose expertise is expiring, the Santa Monica Bay should elect an “experienced citizen”, one who has contribute to the community, politically and economically, before he decided to run for office.

Vote for Bill Bloomfield.  As for Henry Waxman: “Throw the Loud Lout with "Clout" Out of Office.

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