Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where Do You Stay, Waxman?

From LA -- by way of Maryland. . .

I know that Maryland is a one-party state, Democratic all the way.

I had no idea that it was so Democratic, though, that even Henry Waxman would feel at home there!

Yet lo and behold, MD is where Waxman stays.

Not in LA, but MD.

This is scandalous. What business does this man have representing the Santa Monica Bay when he lives near the Chesapeake?

I credit Mr. JSF of "Valley of the Shadow" for his research into this matter.

No doubt about it, the 33rd Congressional District deserves a representative who lives in the district he plans on representing.

Bill Bloomfield stays in Manhattan Beach. . .

What about you, Congressman? Where do you stay?

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