Thursday, September 13, 2012

Waxman Attacks Ryan's Voucher Plan

Henry Waxman is no fan of Paul Ryan's voucher plan.

Yet ObamaCare is eating away at the remaining and ever-dwindling revenue of hospitals around the country. Plus the regulations and paperwork landing on physicians is pushing a greater number of doctors to leave the profession.

Waxman -- Fuzzy on HealthCare Reform
Ryan's plan may be unpopular to the Big Government junta in Congress, of which Waxman is the Chief, but at least he proposed something to get people talking about these issues.

Mr. Waxman should not be attacking anyone who is willing to propose real solutions to this country's current fiscal straits.

Should seniors should get catastrophic care only? They should have more freedom to choose a plan, in which they invest the money that they receive -- "prudent shoppers".

Anthem insurance is going up 38% because of ObamaCare.

The voucher will be a competitive option if we get rid of Obama-WaxmanCare.

Get rid of Waxman, get rid of Obama-WaxmanCare, health care premiums will go down, and the vouchers will purchase adequate coverage for seniors.

Waxman loves to talk about holding down healthcare costs. Then why did he vote against Health Savings Accounts? Why has he authored a law that will not provide a subsidy for families if the employed head of household receives coverage through his employer?

Mr. Waxman's comments were disingenuous all the way through his comments during the above hearing.

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