Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bill Bloomfield and the Tea Party -- No Relation.

What are the man's credentials with the Tea Party movement?

He is a social moderate and fiscal pragmatist.

He cares about the deficits and debt which are harming this country.

He is offered an option to voters who are tired of the Red and Blue battle in Washington which is going nowhere. The genius of the Constitution permits voters to send their own representatives to the House, and by doing so they can signal their support or displeasure appropriately.

Riordan Worked with Democrats:
So Will Bill
The brilliant indifference to the two-party system, one which many have attributed as the cause of the increasing gridlock that is stopping Washington from getting anything done, makes an independent House Rep outside of uber-left Vermont an appealing change of pace.

But to call Bill Bloomfield a "Tea Bagger" does not pass scrutiny. This man is no more "Tea Party" than Henry Waxman is "hairy-all-over" right-winger.

Bloomfield is more in the mold of Richard Riordan, a Republican moderate and former mayor of Los Angeles who cut deals with a heavily Democratic city council,  who even endorsed Bill Clinton in 1996, making him one of the highest-ranking standard-bearers of the GOP to stump for "Slick Willie".

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