Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bill Bloomfield Pushing for the Upset

Bill Bloomfield is shaking up electoral politics.
Waxman Getting Pushed to the Side?
A former Republican now independent, he has independents, Republicans, and Democrats assisting his campaign.

He has reached out to bases north and south of Dockweiler looking for the upset that will send shock waves throughout the country and into Washington.

I have no problem with gridlock, because the frustration in Congress pushes citizens to stake their own powerful claims on ending the logjam that prevents anything from getting done.

I believe that the Founding Founder's vision of Limited Government has not been jeopardized, but  has been pushed to its limits, mostly because of tinkering with the Seventeenth Amendment, but also because of lax oversight touching on the proper scope of spending. All of these entitlements, all of these subsidies have no place in our federal government. This is unacceptable.

Bloomfield's candidacy may upset everyone -- staunch conservatives, decline-to-state voters who never wanted to be bothered, or erroneously believe that he is an Independent in Name Only.

Democrats are upset, too, because their progressive darling, Henry Waxman, is facing a real challenge, which is growing more likely to bring down his 38-year tenure.

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