Friday, September 14, 2012

John Dingell -- Endorse Bill Bloomfield!

John Dingell And Henry Waxman
Mr. Dingell Has a Chance to Help Unseat
The Man who Unseated Him
Congressman John Dingell may still be in a mood to settle a score or two with incumbent Henry Waxman.

After the 2008 wipeout which brought in more Democrats to the House and Senate, Henry Waxman started an intra-party fight which allowed him to take the Chairmanship of the House Energy Committee.

I am aware that the blood has been bad between the two since then. Mr. Dingell was pro-automotive and anti-green, while Mr. Waxman has proposed legislation which has nothing to do with helping this country create jobs or maintaining this country's edge in car manufacturing.

The friction among members in the same party may move you to reconsider. Do you not believe that the constituents in your district would be better served by an independent with respect to moderate tax and budget reforms?

Mr. Dingell, why not support Mr. Waxman's challenger Bill Bloomfield in the current race taking place in the 33rd Congressional District?

Perhaps this request is such a long-shot. Understandably, you would not consider endorsing a challenger to someone in your own party. Still, my asking was worth it, in my opinion.

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