Sunday, September 16, 2012

End the Tenure of Henry "Bully Pulpit" Waxman

Congressman Waxman has been afraid to admit that his Obama-WaxmanCare legislation would have brought nothing but harm on companies throughout the United States.

Henry "Bully Pulpit" Waxman has gone too far.

He has pursued Tobacco CEOs, with nothing to show for the Witch Hunt but the same careless perjury of Corporate executives who paid off millions to trial lawyers and gave Congressman Waxman a forum to promote himself.

He attacked the Bush Administration at every turn, yet when his own party was engaged in check-kiting and other overwriting scandals, wasting taxpayer dollars in the process, he had nothing to say.

His two signature pieces of legislation, Waxman-Markey and Obama-WaxmanCare, were so laden with handouts and sellouts, one wonders when someone in Washington will have the courage to take Waxman to task and drag him before a Committee hearing.

However, every member of Congress enjoys immunity while serving on the floor of the House or the Senate, so no doubt nothing will happen.

Waxman went after baseball players in major league sports, trying to take down steroid abuse, yet he abused his subpoena powers by flippantly indicting individual players who were not involved in steroid abuse. Only the segment from "Bigger, Faster, Stronger" targeted Waxman for his unconscionable lack of knowledge about this country's steroid laws, even while pursuing people in committee.

Thankfully, Congressman Joe Barton of Texas had the courage to hold Waxman accountable for trying to intimidate companies which were issuing massive tax--write offs bcause oof the projected monumental increases in health care costs resulting from Obama-WaxmanCare.

T he Oversight Committee should hold our leaders accountable, whether they are headed by members of the same party as the President or not. Yet to go on fishing expeditions looking to indict or malign the case or the character of select companies is just inexcusable.

Congressman Waxman has commandeered the Bully Pulpit long enough. It's time to send this corporate bully into the corner once and for all.

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