Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Throw the Loud Lout with Clout Out of Office

Henry Waxman:

Think Santa Monica, West LA politics, and the vision of the former Oversight and Energy Chairman comes to mind.

This man has been in power since 1975, elected with the opposition class of 1974, a sharp rebuke to the Watergate scandal which tarnished the Republican brand for three more years.

What started as an opposition run has turned into an established stalwart of the reactionary liberalism of the Carter era.

Big Government can no longer pay its Big Bills. Henry Waxman has been in office for 38 years, when the Democrats were in power, and when they were out of power. Yet the deficits keep getting bigger, the national debt gets larger, yet he refused to do one thing to stop the spending:

"I love to legislate" is Waxman's mantra, so it is no surprise that this man has no problem with government getting bigger.

Yet for all his talk about loving to legislate, this man has done nothing to modify the Clean Water Act, which twice in the past six years has been limited by the Supreme Court, still waiting for Congress to modify and clarify whatever is wrong or missing in the bill.

Henry Waxman, the Rottweiler of the House of Representatives, has at best a mixed record for all the oversight hearings.

In 1994, Waxman went after the Seven Tobacco CEOs -- "The Seven Dwarves" -- and to what purpose? Now, the Big Tobacco cannot market to minors, granted, but beyond dragging them and then humiliating these seven corporate executives before the camera and setting them up to lie under oath did  more for trial lawyers than for consumers and health care advocates.

The common argument from independents and undecided voters in the 33d Congressional District hinges on one issue:

Do I want a Congressman with seniority and experience, or do I want a new Congressman with fresh ideas?
After 38 years in office, Henry Waxman has nothing but

"I don't know!"

"I'm sorry!"

"We're not broke!"

All of these statements were in response to the looming problems hitting this country, including the red ink tsunami of creditors who will refuse to keep buying up this country's debt, if no one in Washington does anything about it.

Waxman has had thirty-eight years to advance real health care reform. He dumped on this country "ObamaCare", a poorly written, terribly planned, and overwhelming bad piece of legislation, which is now eating away at the already crippled health insurance industry.

Bill Bloomfield has established businesses in the state of California. He has led efforts to end lawsuit abuse, move into gang prevention, and provide healthcare to third-world countries. Bill Bloomfield spear-headed the initiatives for the Open Primary and Citizens Redistricting, as opposed to letting politicians draw the lines which protect incumbents and maintain the extreme, uncompromising hegemony of today's politics. He has also pushed forward Prop 32, which would protect employee's paychecks from the unaccountable union power-grab which takes the employee's money and spends the money on candidates who bolster the wealth and health of union bosses, but do nothing for the state, the worker, or the taxpayer.

Bill Bloomfield is an experienced citizen, while Waxman is merely an experienced politician. The 33rd Congressional District deserves really service, not self-serving politicians.

Vote for Bill Bloomfield. . .

As for Henry Waxman. . .

Throw the Loud Lout with "Clout" Out of Office.

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