Sunday, September 23, 2012

Channelling Peggy Noonan -- Challenging Bill Bloomfield

Wall Street Journal Columnist Peggy Noonan exploded over Romney's bad week.

With the Middle East exploding with tribal warfare and Islamic fanaticism, with Iran poised to develop then drop nuclear weapons, with Obama's "Recovery" turning into stagnation and record levels of government assistance and unemployment, one would think that Romney would be coasting to victory.

Instead, he makes off-the-cuff and off-cue remarks about "the 47%" and their victim mindset which inclines them toward electing Obama for another term.

A second Obama term would be disastrous for this country. The past four years have been a rank failure, stuffed with executive fiat and faked recoveries, health insurance mandates which have decreased instead of increasing access to health insurance and health care. Businesses are closing, people are giving up looking for work, and Washington keeps on spending, wasting, and losing revenue that we do not have.

Bill Bloomfield, do not pull a Romney. Do not hold back.

What Obama is to this country, Waxman will be for the 33rd Congressional District.

We deserve, we demand, we delineate without reserve that the voters from Palos Verdes to Malibu want a representative who represents us, not himself, not his special interests, not the political machines.

Bill, you have this better than the Romney. He can turn around from gaffe to gain -- all you need to do is keep walking.

In a way, I am channelling the fiery and fierce spirit of Columnist Peggy Noonan. She demands an intervention for the Romney campaign. I demand that you intervene and with full intention into every major city and precinct in the 33rd.

Santa Monica Bay will shine again with a native son who lives and breathes and moves about in the region. You have done so much already. Do not hide, do not chide, do not ride the empty winds of public opinion. Tell people who you are, what you what to do, and what Waxman has done.

This election is yours -- get out there and take it!

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