Monday, September 3, 2012

Bloomfield in the Palisades Post

Go Bill Go!

This is the message that more people need to hear!
To the editors of the Palisades Post:
Thank you for the thoughtful and erudite piece that you wrote on native son and next Congressman Bill Bloomfield.

He has more than made the case that he is a real independent, a Congressman who will represent "We the People", not "They, the corporate donors, the union bosses, the special interests."

I want this man representing me in Washington, not washed-up Henry Waxman.

Waxman has been in office for too, too, too long.

38 years of choosing his district and his voters.

38 years of hollow and unnecessary oversight hearings.

38 years of environmental legislation which has hindered instead of helped our economic and atmospheric climate.

38 years of taxes and spending. Waxman has voted against every working-class and middle-class tax cut, while leading the charge on one of the largest tax increases in history -- the unaffordable Affordable Care, Act, which I ruefully call Obama-WaxmanCare.

38 years is enough.

Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd!

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