Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Northwest San Pedro -- LA for Bloomfield!


NW San Pedro

To the residents of Northwest San Pedro, specifically those North of Summerland and West of the 110 Freeway:
Your vote is just as important as any other vote in the 33rd Congressional district.
The Northern half belongs to the 33rd Congressional District, which due to redistricting has been cut off from San Pedro and added to the rest of a district which includes the Beach Cities all the way to Malibu.
Janice Hahn is slated to take the rest of the 44th Congressional District, which stretches all the way to South Gate, taking in the rest of San Pedro.
I am well aware that the vast majority of residents in North-West San Pedro or homeowners.
Under ObamaCare, any homeowner who sells his home will pay out a 3.5% tax on the sale of the home. Henry Waxman, the "incumbent" running for reelection in the 33rd Congressional District, is the chief architect for this terrible law, and he must be removed for office in order to expedite the repeal of the largest tax increase in history.
As homeowners, as taxpayers, you have the chance to vote out one of the longest-lasting, progressive politicians in Washington: Henry Waxman. Save the green in your wallet, on your lawn, and send some green energy and private sector experience to Washington D.C. End the reign of Waxman the Taxman on November 6th.

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