Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The GOP Left Bloomfield

Bloomfield could field all of the empty attacks about his previous affilation with the Republican party with one pithy phrase:

" I did not leave the Republican party" -- "The Republican Party left me."

Take Reagan's rhetoric and turn the phrase on itself.

Perhaps his exit from the GOP will prompt leaders in CA and throughout the country to field more libertarian and moderate candidates.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made the argument on This Week two weeks ago that for the past four election cycles, the Republican Party all but gives up 170 electoral votes -- alienating the West Coast, the North East, and the Great Lakes states, with socially conservative positions which jar with the mantra of individual liberty and private enterprise.

If Democratic Senatorial Chairman Chuck Schumer was willing to compromise on the abortion issue and successfully endorse  pro-life Catholic Bob Casey in 2006 against the twin-but-by-party incumbent Rick Santorum, then why can't the GOP do the same?

In fact, the Congressional race in MA-6, with openly gay and pro-choice Republican Richard Tisei, may be the first step in breaking down the wedge issue which Democrats have wielded all too often against the Republican party to distract voters from the Democrats' abysmal records on crime, fiscal discipline, and national security.

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