Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Waxman and the AES Power Plant


For the third time in two years Beach Cities residents will be electing another Congressman, this time in a contentious race which pits a native son challenger, Manhattan Beach businessman Bill Bloomfield, against long-time LA incumbent Henry Waxman.

Both candidates would like the AES power plant to be shut down. However, the AES power plant and the powerhouse Congressman Henry Waxman have many things in common.

Have been around a long time, have shifted ownership, yet remained in power. The power plant creates power. Waxman is also a powerful machine politician.

Both take up too much space and blow a lot of hot air. While the power plant has changed with the times, Waxman is still polluting the air, and now wants to spread his contagion to the South Bay.

The most important comparison between the AES Power Plant and Congressman Henry Waxman: both need to be shut down in the best interests of the South Bay.

Besides the NoPowerPlant.com, I would like to draw attention to another petition for the residents of the Beach Cities:

Waxman Watch -- waxmanwatch.blogspot.com. Learn more about the harmful positions and policies of long-time politician Henry Waxman.

The residents of 33rd Congressional district a clean physical and political environment, free of polluting politicians like over-legislating and over-regulating Henry Waxman.

In addition to the AES Power Plant, South Bay voters should support the long-overdue closure of powerhouse and power-hungry Congressman Henry Waxman, a politician who has overstayed and overplayed his time in Washington.

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