Wednesday, September 12, 2012

LA Times Smear

What difference does it make how much a man spends on his own campaign?

Money is having a diminished effect on our political discourse since Citizens United open the floodgates for unlimited campaign donations.

Fulsome Praise from LA Times
Will Not Raise His Profile
The effect of free speech is free thought, advertisement alone cannot sway voters one way or another to sponsor something or elect someone.

The LA Times has also discredited its objectivity in declaring that Congressman Henry Waxman "single-handedly" cleaned air and water through his own legislative efforts.

And recently, the paper put out an flimsy hit piece against Prop 32, an initiative which Bloomfield sponsored, which would protect the employee's paycheck from union bosses.

The voters in the South Bay, the readers in the press, the amateur pundits who follow the Congressional races know and perceive the interminable bias of the press toward incumbents, toward Big Government, toward expanding regulation and taxation.

Waxman fits in in with the news that prints, but he does not fit with the voters of the 33rd.

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