Thursday, September 6, 2012

Obama Helps Waxman - A Snapshot

President Barack Obama has endorsed Congressman Henry Waxman, once the politician who never had to run a campaign and even went out of his way to boost sagging liberal candidates in the Westside.
This move to shore up Waxman is a sure sign that the LA-based Congressman is in trouble. The sudden support from the uncommanding Commander in Chief should surprise many who thought that the 33rd Congressional District would be an easy win Waxman.

Waxman actually needed a boost from the junior Illinois senator turned change Chief executive Barack Obama. Like a kindergartener sticking up for the beaten-down older brother, this endorsement is embarrassing, not ennobling. The former leader of the Waxman-Berman machine now needs help from the President of the United States, himself another politician who cannot run on his record, who is losing independents and disappointing Democrats.
Rather than emboldening embattled incumbents, Obama’s endorsements embitter, embalm and ultimately entomb them in the same failed policies of unpopular regressive-progressivism, which is bankrupting this country while failing to engage a still lagging economic recovery.
From the Scott Brown upset in Massachusetts and the New Jersey rising of New Jersey Republican Chris Christie over Jon Corzine, Obama’s endorsements do plenty of good -- for independent and fiscal conservatives in Democratic strongholds.
Waxman’s 38 years of tax, spend, regulate, frustrate are coming to an end in the Santa Monica Bay. Obama's endorsement is the death throws for the former head of the Waxman-Berman machine, and not a moment too soon.

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