Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Waxman's Hypocritical Irony on the Resignation of Alberto Gonzalez

"The Constitution of the United States, I think was in many ways was pushed aside. Some of our personal protections were shredded by this (Bush) Administration in the way they interfered in our private lives and I think we ought to continue to investigate how that happened - why it happened and the decision making by the Attorney General and others in the White House to do that sort of thing."

- Rep. Henry A. Waxman

Presumes to Lecture us on Constitutionality
Waxman waxes rhapsodical about division of power, checks and balances when former Attorney General dropped the ball and disgraced the Bush White House.

But when it comes to federal loan guarantees, when it comes to hiding the costs of Medicare, when it comes to pushing through last-minute amendments on extensive legislation, Waxman sees himself as above the Supreme Law of the Land.

Where in the Constitution does the federal government receive the power to regulate the health insurance industry and force citizens to purchase a commodity? Where in the Constitution does it permit Congress to hand out loan guarantees to green tech companies?

Congressman Waxman was probably whining about the domestic wiretapping which took place under the Bush Administration. I would like to know how he justifies pushing the massive and monolithic Cap and Trade Bill, which would have posed so onerous and undue a burden as to kill jobs and close businesses all across the country?

Where does Waxman get the idea that the Constitution permits the expansion of the federal government to care for people from puberty to social security? Because the state is taking on a greater role in our lives, men and women are still in puberty even when the hit social security, with nothing to show for their lives but the entrenched and well-learned habit of waiting for others to come through for them and meet all their needs.

Alberto Gonzalez may have made some mistakes, but Mr. Waxman has brazenly admitted his ignorance on core issues, including matters which he was overseeing as former chairman of the Oversight Committee.

Waxman's hypocritical irony about the Bush Administration and the former Attorney General's handling of US Attorneys and other sensitive issues do not justify Mr. Waxman's overly inundated tenure in Congress, with nothing but tax and spend, waste and fraud, regulation and frustration in his wake.

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