I am a Democrat formerly from Redondo Beach and I could not agree with you more. Waxman is a true embarrassment. I don't know how he gets reelected.
Partisanship is down in the polls with voters. Citizens want government to get busy passing balanced budgets and preparing for the future, with comprehensive entitlement reform, necessary cuts, and proper revenue increases, preferably by closing corporate and agribusiness loopholes, terminating byzantine tax breaks, and simplifying the tax code.
James George of Redondo Beach commented on a piece which I had posted on Examiner.com.
The biggest indictment that voters have against Waxman -- he has been in office too long. Most Democrats throughout Southern California cast their votes for the incumbent only because there has never been a viable alternative.
Bill Bloomfield is that alternative, more than viable, better than voluble, ever visible, and verifiably independent.
Thank you, James, for your support.