Sunday, November 4, 2012

Distorted "Bloomfield Facts"

Waxman's remaining line of attack entails tacking Bloomfield's previous campaign contributions to his probable legislative actions.

The Waxman camp has set up a "Bill Bloomfield facts" exposing his "Republican" donations.

What can an independent do in our two-party presidential election system? He supported Romney, who fiscal policies more closely mirror his independent platform, then he switched his support to Jon Huntsman. Congressman Waxman still stands by his President, the same executive who has broadened the dependency rolls in this country with "the new normal" of high unemployment, higher welfare accounts, business stagnations, anemic recovery, and a failing foreign policy.

If anyone has some explaining to do, it should be Congressman Henry Waxman. Would he like to explain the exploding failures associated with ObamaCare?

Perhaps Congressman Waxman would like to talk about the exploding debt exposing our country to a looming debt crisis.

Then again, Congressman Waxman may also like to discuss why he voted against the "No More Solyndras" Act or the "JOBS bill" which a majority of Democrats and Republicans supported.

Bloomfield has endorsed his fair share of Democrats as well as Republicans. He has "led the fight" for electoral reform, including the open primary and the citizens redistricting commission, both of which have placed Waxman in the precarious position of losing his place in Congress.

The "facts" are that Bloomfield has more to offer the 33rd than the Congressman who has spent more time making himself comfortable in Washington instead of confronting the real problems with real compromise.

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