Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hypocrisy: Waxman calls Sherman "Aggressive"

Waxman has the audacity to endorse fellow machine politician Howard Berman in part because Brad Sherman is "too aggressive"?

Henry Waxman --- the Congressman who threatened to remove ranking member Darrell Issa because he insisted that then-Chairman Waxman pursue regular order.

Henry Waxman --- the same Congressman who started an intra-party fight to take the House Energy Committee Chairmanship in 2008.

Henry Waxman -- the ranking member who chafed with chairmen Ed Whitfield over the proper subpoena power of the House Energy Committee.

Henry Waxman -- an embattled incumbent who refuses to take questions during an open forum in the Beach Cities.

If anyone has aggressive behavior, it's Congressman Henry Waxman, and it is he who does not belong in Congress for another term.

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