Monday, November 12, 2012

Waxman Prevails over Bloomfield -- From ""Easy Reader News"

So, the 33rd Congressional district has settled for a West LA politician instead of a native son from Manhattan Beach. The strain of this expansive district may permit another well-connected (not necessarily well-funded) South Bay resident to run against Henry Waxman in 2014.

“Waxman spent much of the last month” getting to know the South Bay. No wonder he scored only 53% of the vote in last week’s election. The voters in the Beach Cities deserve a leader who will spur economic growth, not just pay lip service to protecting the aerospace industry while trying to balance the interests of the Westside entertainment industries.

Contrary to the cynical commentary of Mr. McDermott, Bloomfield’ s candidacy was hardly a “long-shot”. After thirty-eight years in office, Congressman Waxman chalked up his tenure to accomplishing individual favors for constituents, yet he did nothing about amending the Clean Water Act, he blocked the “Subway to the Sea”, and he showed poor leadership and oversight over the proper care and security of our nation’s veterans. Independent challenger Bill Bloomfield funded the major electoral reforms in this state, Open Primaries and the Citizens Redistricting Commission, both of which Waxman opposed. Bloomfield offered an electoral alternative based on solving problems and getting Congress working again.

Still, Bloomfield made two mistakes. He kept donating to Republican candidates long after he left the Republican Party. His appreciation for Congressman Waxman suggested that he was less interested in replacing him and more interested in influencing him: hardly a basis for running against someone for election.

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