Friday, November 2, 2012

Fox News Comments on the "33rd Congressional District Race"

Now Fox News is getting in on the action.

Henry Waxman, facing two major redistricting reforms followed by a strong, well-funded independent challenger, has force the 38-year incumbent to campaign for real for the first time.

"I've always had challengers and I never take a campaign for granted," Waxman told Fox News. "But I do have an opponent who is serious only because he has millions of dollars of his own money that he's just pouring into this race." 

Waxman is not telling the truth. Twice during his tenure -- 1986, 2008 -- Waxman did not have a viable, major party challenger. Often, Waxman has bragged that he never had to mount a serious campaign throughout his career.

Of course, this development served him but not the voters or the state. He may dole out favors and respond to individual requests, but a Congressman is on call to defend the constitution, protecting our rights and maintaining fiscal solvency in the fact of growing debts and deficits which are destroying the future of this country.

Fernando Guerra of Loyola Marymount University offered up his opinion on the race, both flawed and perhaps biased:

He points out that Waxman's status as a Washington insider won't hurt his chances in the newly drawn 33rd which stretches down the Pacific coastline west of Los Angeles.

Henry Waxman defines "Washington Insider" -- yet to then assume that he commands commensurate experience does not match up with a record of denying any knowledge about this country's steroid laws, all the while running oversight hearings on the issue. Nor does his lack of knowledge about his own bill or the auto bailouts measure up with an "insider" who knows his way around Washington.

"He's hardly involved in local politics or local policy anymore," Guerra said. "He is the epitome of a D.C. focused individual. However, his district, I would say, likes that. They are on the west side of Los Angeles, policy-oriented and don't expect him to come to these different Sunday, Saturday or weekend kind of things. So it's not as bad as it would be in other areas."
"He's hardly involved in local politics or local policy anymore"

Bloomfield ought to take this indictment and spread it throughout the new 33rd. When will the voters in this district, in the Santa Monica Bay get tired of politicians who do not have to retain basic knowledge about their role in Congress? House Representatives are supposed to represent their districts, are they not?

Of course, Bloomfield pounced on this assertion in the Fox interview:

Waxman's opponent argues that's exactly why voters should choose him over the long-time Democrat. He says primary reform provides a voice for an underrepresented bloc of voters.
In Waxman's case, that "underrepresented bloc would be the vast majority of voters, including the individuals who want to see proper care of the Ballona Wetlands, a real solution to the Santa Monica Airport which will honor the interests of the owners and the pilots while respecting the residents in the area who desire less noise pollution. Let us not forget the large and still growing homeless populations throughout the Los Angeles area, who are still waiting for the Brentwood VA to open up to them. I could add the Post Offices in Santa Monica and Venice, which after all of Waxman's letter writing there is no record of anything taking place.
While Mr. Guerra gives the impression that the 33rd is still Waxman's district to win, it would appear that he has simply outlined a number of reasons why Bloomfield should go to Congress instead.
Fox News, normally castigated as a right-wing mouth piece, actually delivered an account which gives a reading which buffets Bloomfield for the win.
Let us not forget that Bloomfield was willing to take questions from prospective voters at the Jewish Community Center  in Redondo Beach, while Congressman Waxman on that and many other occasions has justified himself in shutting down anyone who does not agree with him!


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