Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bloomfield Has No Regrets

So, Mr. Bloomfield has no regrets about his campaign. He has shaken up special interests up and down the Golden State, going after unions, after corporate interests, seeking a bigger tent for a diminished party, and finding none he chose to strike out on his won. No regrets: that is the right attitude to take. Redistricting and Open Primary Reform has made its mark in California. Howard Berman is gone, along with unrepentant and importune atheist Peter Stark of the Bay Area. Sadly, we lost David Dreier of San Dimas, who saw that his district now had a 60% Democratic constituency, so he decided to retire. Now, George Miller and Henry Waxman remain the deans for the California Delegation, and the Republican caucus returns with fifteen instead of nineteen members in their ranks.

The Republican Party must change its outreach and tone its outrage. Bloomfield has no regrets, and neither do I, for that matter. It's time for the voters in this state to tell the parties what they must do, the values which they must uphold, nothing more and nothing less.

I am glad that an Independent had the chance to shake up Congressman Waxman. I am glad that a long-term incumbent had to step out and mingle with the hoi polloi instead of sit on his throne and wait for the populist crown on the first Tuesday of November. I am glad that I got out there and got involved, and I am glad that voters from both parties had the chance to share something with their Congressman besides a vote and no voice to follow it up.

No regrets, no retreat.

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