Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Reluctant Conservative Votes for Bloomfield

I have been in contact with rugged conservatives throughout the South Bay.

Some of them shared with the discomfort they witnessed when Republican party members stormed out of club meetings when the heard Bloomfield say that he was not opposed to raising taxes on the wealthy.

Another Republican operative shared that Bloomfield seemed dead-set on setting of Republicans, going out of his way to distance himself from his former party.

Another voter in the South Bay admitted to me plainly that he would not be voting for Bloomfield, since he judged the Manhattan Beach businessman to be too liberal to support.

I contacted him a few times to try to get him to give up his resistance and cast a vote for the independent. I stressed that getting rid of Waxman would more than redeem his supporting a quasi-liberal on social issues.

After I published the post -- "On the Fence in the 33rd" -- this voter showed perfect reluctance, informing me that all of the concerns which I had outlined, and the reasons in spite of them for supporting Bloomfield, actually solidified his resolve not to vote for anyone for Congress.

Within days of the election, I contacted my conservative friend once again. He related to me that I would be happy to know that he voted for Bloomfield, although he emphasized at length his stalling reserve to do so.

This gentleman is one of the most informed voters I know of, an established member of the community who has never withheld a strong opinion on public matters, whether fiscal or social. I believe that if this red-ribbed conservative was willing to vote for Bloomfield, in spite of his considerable and legitimate reservations, then Mr. Waxman is in big trouble, indeed!

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