Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bush-Bashing, Global Warming, Ignoring the Fiscal Cliff

Congressman Henry Waxman is at it again, bringing up global warming as a major issue while the debate over the fiscal cliff is heating up. Waxman spearheaded the charge on this issue before the Democrats took the White House, and even after the Republicans won and retained the majority in the House, “cap and trade” to cap global warming is resurfacing in Congress' trade for managing our nation's debt and revenue.

In timely fashion, MSNBC released a past interview with the former Chairman of the House Reform and Government Oversight Committee. As he did during his run for the 33rd Congressional district, Waxman engaged in the same "Bush-Bashing" which has shored up the liberal base while ignoring the looming crises precipitated by the Democratic Party's insistence on health insurance mandates and trillion-dollar deficit spending.

During the Bush Administration, according to Waxman, the scientists who worked for the government provided information that was "censored, muted, or altered". Then Waxman wrote letters to the Council on Environmental Quality for more information on the matter. Still, Waxman conceded that his staff were viewing the documents on global warming. Scientists have presented their information on global warming. He went after steroid abuse, global warming. Nothing for our veterans then, and now very little to stop the spending and reduce the national debt eating this country from the inside out.

To ward off the fiscal cliff, the "Cap and Trade" Carbon tax has resurfaced as a measure to cover the expanding revenue problems for this country. Even moderate Republicans have voiced their support for the tax, proposing that a $20 charge per ton of carbon would help offset the national debt.
Annie Leonard, an environmental activist and creator of "The Story of Stuff", discredited Cap and Trade in the midst of a number of specious arguments with factually inaccurate data. She begins with the corporate machinations (including Goldman Sachs) which created the and the Housing bubbles. They concocted Cap and Trade as another wealth market: carbon emission trading. Every nation would implement a cap and then trade credits for pollution.

"The devil is in the details", Leonard then explains: The program starts out with free permits for industrial polluters. The greater their pollution output, the more free permits that they receive. When Europeans enacted Cap and Trade , the cost of permits bounced around, fuel prices went up, and the pollution actually increased. The benefiting companies cashed in billions with the carbon credits, but the taxpayers were left paying for it.

Cap and Trade is a Ponzi scheme, according to one economist. Another argument hammers home the extensive nature of the Cap and Trade tax on every level of production. Congressman Ron Paul commented on the vote-trading which helped pass the Waxman-Markey bill in 2009,, much of which cast a cloud of corruption and collusion on an already suspect bull. Warren Buffet commented that if Congress insists on placing a tax on carbon emissions ,utility customers will end up paying the cost for the tax which belongs to corporations and to polluters. Even while endorsing the tax, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama admitted that his "Cap and Trade" plan would cause electricity rates to go up for consumers.

Environmentalists, billionaires, and the President have given reasons to oppose "Cap and Trade." Waxman shows no common sense in proposing his "Cap and Trade agenda once again .
Instead of alleviating the fiscal cliff crisis, Congressman Waxman has pursued in the last month the following issues:

Leading Committee Democrats Request Briefing on Recent Gulf of Mexico Oil Rig Explosion (Nov 26, 2012)

Waxman wants to investigate the explosion of Black Elk Energy's oil production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. This country has an exploding national debt, leaking red ink that is polluting our future.

Leading Energy & Commerce Democrats Call for Hearing on Reliability of Communications Services in Aftermath of Superstorm Sandy (Nov 19, 2012)

Waxman was concerned about communications services during “Superstorm” Sandy. It's time that he started communicating with his colleagues about ending the deficit spending.

Rep. Waxman Urges Continued U.S. Support for Protecting Religious and Ethnic
Minority Groups in Burma
(Nov 15, 2012)

Protecting the religious rights of minority groups in Burma? Seriously?

Rep. Waxman Statement on the BP Settlement on the Deepwater Horizon Disaster (Nov 15, 2012)

Waxman applauds the BP settlement with the United States. Now, how about settling the debt crisis and defusing entitlement bomb?

Ranking Members Waxman and Rush Call for Hearing on Relationship Between Climate Change and National Security (Nov 14, 2012)

The United States' greatest security threat is the debt. Instead of outlining a plan for energy independence, Waxman goes after oil rigs. Instead of protecting the fiscal future of this country, Waxman champions the religious rights of ethnic minorities.

From Bush-Bashing to Global Warming, Congressman Waxman keeps ignoring the fiscal cliff and the ongoing fiscal crises afflicting this country.

Please contact Congressman Waxman and tell him to get serious about ending this country’s spending problem and resolve our debt. Global warming can wait.

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