Friday, November 16, 2012

Waxman Still Beats the Climate Change Drum

Still beating the Climate Change drum, Congressman Waxman refuses to let any crisis go to waste, fresh off a squeaker victory in the newly established 33rd Congressional District against Independent Bill Bloomfield of Manhattan Beach.

Climate Change did very little to affect the political climate in Washington, which brought back to Congress the same divided government from the previous two years.

Instead of trying to control the air, instead of telling the sun to stay still or to back off, when to shine and for how long, when will the politicians in Washington acknowledge that rising temperatures do not necessarily require stringent interventions on carbon use.
Perhaps the subtle fears of "Article 21" globalism are not unfounded.

Cap and Trade is not working in Europe. The big fans kill big birds, and the economies are scale are unsustainable when it comes to alternate forms of energy.

Congressman Waxman, I do not care how much heat you put on this issue. You held President Obama accountable for his lack of transparency. You went after Bush for waste in Iraq. Now, it's time to get our troops out of Afghanistan and get our veterans off the street and into proper Veterans Administration facilities.

Cap and Trade is a "Cap on Trade" -- Put a cap on excessive government, and grant the states and local cities more authority to combat pollution, waste, and fraud.

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