Saturday, November 3, 2012

Democrats for a Better California Endorse. . .Bloomfield!

I found this one flyer last night just before I returned home.

Entitled "Democrats for a Better California", this coalition published its serious endorsements for state and national elections. As expected, they have endorsed Al Muratsuchi for the 66th Assembly District and Jackie Lacey for LA District Attorney.

Regarding the 33rd Congressional District race, they chose not to endorse Waxman -- a startling turn, to say the least. They have endorsed Bill Bloomfield!

Labeling him a "Local Small Business Owner" (when in fact he has started four successful businesses altogether), the rest of the caption reads:

"Independent leader Bill Bloomfield will put country ahead of partisan politics to fix Congress and get America back to work."

A positive message for a candidate who is in position to win the 33rd Congressional District.

Here is the mission statement for Democrats for a Better California:

It is time to turn our focus on the economy and jobs creation here in our state.
Their flyers target seniors and permanent absentee ballot Democrats, more likely because the older generation is more conservative on fiscal issues.

Contrary to the detractors in the local press, who have attacked Bill for not reaching out to Democrats, already a significant Democratic caucus has stood up to their party bosses to back and independent.

Democrats of the 33rd, come out and vote for Bill Bloomfield on November 6th!

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