Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Waxman Wins Reelection -- Reforms and the Voters the Big Winners

This mission does not end. Congressman Henry Waxman has taken back the 33rd Congressional District, but the reforms with the enthusiastic voters has accomplished so much more for the state. Peter Stark of the Bay area, the longest serving Congressman in the state, has been pushed out of office after forty years! Berman lost his seat to the younger Sherman, whose geographical advantage carried the day.

Yesterday evening, Bill Bloomfield announced to his campaign supporters in Manhattan Beach that Congressman Henry Waxman had just joined "No Labels."

He also pointed out that Congressman Waxman, for the first time in years, had to speak to voters, get their thoughts on issues. For the firs time in four years, Waxman visited the Malibu Coast to speak with Democratic supporters.

The tally for the final vote went all the way to the early morning. Waxman won reelection by 53% -- that is the slimmest margin for Waxman to keep his seat.

I do not know if independents and Republican voters will feel that Waxman, who is entering his record 18th term, will be serving their needs. The fact that he now has to pay attention to the voters, that his seat is not so secure as it used to be, will hopefully force him to work better with others.

What is it going to take before the voters in this country will stop hoping for government to have the answer to all their problems?

Congressman Henry Waxman reminds me of the surrogate "god" that many people have established for themselves because they have nothing else to connect to or the truth in fullness. I can understand why many people keep running to Big Government, whether these constituencies belong to "religious affiliations" or secular interests - they see nothing bigger to attach to.

Keeping our Congressmen accountable -- that's what we need, no matter what, no matter who wins. We cannot hold leaders accountable if we are dependent on them. At least the 2012 election hopefully will be enough to keep incumbents on their toes from now on.

Congressman Henry Waxman, we will still be watching, and this Open Primary process, with future independents and more conservative Democrats, can rise up in the future to keep you and any other incumbent in place and replace with you better representation in the future.

Bloomfield started a movement in this state which belongs in every state. I only hope that the voters, the residents in this state and across the county focus less on what they can get from the state, and less on what the state can get from them.

The mission does not end, the "Waxman Watch" remains with all eyes open.

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