Friday, November 2, 2012

No, Bruins! (Daily Bruin Endorses Waxman)

Normally, on the UCLA Campus, visitors and students will hear "Go Bruins!"

Now, all I can shout is "No Bruins!"

UCLA falls within the borders of the new 33rd, yet the student editorial board of the Daily Bruin has tipped their had to endorse Congressman Henry Waxman.

Like the back-handed endorsement for Henry Waxman in the Santa Monica Daily Press, the student paper also offered up a tepid support for the long-term incumbent:

This board supports Congressman Henry Waxman for re-election. Though his case for a 36th straight year in the House of Representatives isn’t the strongest, his opponent is too flawed to jump into the fray in Washington, D.C.

Bloomfield is "too flawed" -- that's a strange assessment for choosing to support Waxman for another term, a legislator who has spent more time pursuing inane issues or pushing on this country unpopular legislation that would kill jobs.

His campaign tilts more anti-Waxman than pro-Bloomfield, while maintaining that he will be a moderate voice in the House.

Bloomfield would indeed be a moderate voice in Congress, an independent who in refusing to caucus with either party, who in refusing to accept donations from PAC, special interests, or party bosse, will not be beholden to any interest but his view and his voters.

But Bloomfield has failed to lay out concrete plans for governing. The Santa Monica-based businessman seems too concerned with quickly fixing what he calls a “broken” Congress than effectively advocating for local constituents on the federal level.

What!? And what has Waxman done on a "local level" for the voters! He had not visited the Malibu Democratic club in four years before he started paying attention, and that only because he faced stiff competition this year!

We know where Waxman stands on all the issues. As a representative, he helped push the Affordable Care Act through during his most recent term. In the past he’s fought to maintain Pell Grants for higher education. Along with President Barack Obama, who also gets this board’s endorsement, Waxman has proven that he will support policies addressing the needs of students.

Someone needs to inform this student body that legislation like "ObamaCare" is hurting hospitals all over the country. I wonder how many of those med students will feel when the graduate with their white coats. Will they be facing pink slips and unemployment lines next? How many more hospitals will have to close before  the voters in the 33rd acknowledge that "Affordable Care Act" is in name only?

More on the Daily Bruin editorial will continue in the next post.

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