Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Democrats for Bloomfield

Not one but two Democrats out of Malibu have signaled their support for Bloomfield.

The second person I spoke with indicated that she had received mailers attacking Bill as a "Republican in disguise."

After outlining that the "GOP attack" was the only line of attack left for Congressman Waxman, that Bloomfield left the Republican party because the party left him, that he left the GOP before the redistricting and before the Open Primary system went into effect, the Malibu resident signalled that she would vote for Bloomfield.

As columnist Ari Noonan suggested in a recent article for "Front Page Online", Bloomfield is the very challenger that Waxman feared:

- Independent

- Well-financed

- Well-connected to the community

Bruce Levin of Westwood has voted for Waxman for the previous nineteen terms. He, like many disaffected Democrats in the 33rd, has had enough, and now he supports Bloomfield.

James Woolsey, the former CIA director under Bill Clinton, praised Bloomfield's humanitarian efforts in the Middle East, assistsing democratic dissidents in Syria and Iran. The Manhattan Beach based independent is a strong supporter of Israel, and will seek to solidify the fraying ties which have needlessly developed during the Obama Administration.

Barry Levin, CEO of "Snak King" has dumped Waxman for Bloomfield. "Henry Waxman, almost forty years of damaging, irresponsible spending." About Mr. Levin, voters should also learn that he received the Small Business Association of America's award for Small Businessperson of the year (2011). He even met with President Obama, who praised him as a "Champion of Change." Yet this CEO, lauded by Democrats, has chosen to endorse Bill Bloomfield.

Lorna Auerbach of "Auerbach Commerical Realty Corp" makes the most succinct and compelling reason for backing Bloomfield:

"If we vote for the same people every time, nothing will ever change. Waxman doesn't even own a home here."

More than partisanship, the question of representation and accountability matter more, and on those two points, Waxman fails. On this note, Democrats who had voted for Waxman every year without fail now have a viable choice to elect someone else, a social moderate who will respond to the fiscal challenges facing this country with bipartisan zeal: Bill Bloomfield.

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