Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Henry Waxman -- A Republican in Disguise?

Congressman Henry Waxman is facing a stiff challenge in the new 33rd Congressional District, which stretches from Palos Verdes all the way to Malibu to Agoura Hills.

His only line of attack against his well-funded and highly supported challenger, Bill Bloomfield, is to keep linking him to the conservative policies of Republican party leaders and Congressmen, politicians whom Bloomfield supported with campaign donations in the past, along with Independents and Democrats throughout the country.

In all of this name-calling and closet accusations, one has to wonder -- is Democrat Henry Waxman really a Democrat, or perhaps he indeed is the "foxy red Republican" whom Gregg Heacock of Santa Monica so dreaded?

If we compare the record and the rhetoric of the previous Republican President George W. Bush, with the current positions and policies of Congressman Henry Waxman, one will find that their policies more closely resemble each other than originally considered.

President Bush sponsored and signed into law a massive Medicare entitlement enhancement. Congressman Waxman led the charge for ObamaCare, a massive new entitlement altogether. Waxman even praised the Medicare Part D extension of the Bush Administration.

President Bush authorized war in Iraq -- Waxman voted for it, along with Berman and Sherman. Waxman later investigated waste and fraud in Iraq, but the LA Congressman voted for war.

President Bush loved spending money -- created record debts and deficits. So does Congressman Waxman, so much so that his "WaxmanCare" entitlement robs Medicare by $700 billion. He has voted in lock-step with President Obama's tax and spend, regulate and frustrate agenda, which has slowed growth, killed jobs, and frightened national and international markets with uncertainty and occlusion.

President Bush wanted to micromanage the health care of Terry Schiavo, a disabled Florida woman whose husband wanted to take her off of life support. He forced Congress to pass a bill of attainder, a law specifying one individual, which is both unconstitutional and immoral. Still, the Supreme Court refused to intervene, and the husband took Ms. Schiavo off of life support. Mr. Waxman wants to micromanage everyone's health care, pushing WaxmanCare, with is many rules, regulations, and taxes, onto health insurance industries.

Henry Waxman, leading the fight for more government in our lives, just like "compassionate conservative" George W. Bush. Henry Waxman, a Republican in disguise? You decide.

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