Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What Happened, indeed?


Santa Monicans:

If you insist on electing politicians who "take you for granted", as the Santa Monica Daily Press suggested, then you can prepare for more of the same, whether over two, four, or six years.

Do you really want to solve the homeless problem in your city? Do you really want to protect the environment without hurting your pocketbook or the green in your bank account?

If you expect your Congressmen to pay attention to your needs, if you expect the leaders of your communities to care about the issues that you care about, then send the message to them and their like-minded political allies by not reelecting them.

Henry Waxman has done so much good for individual residents. I would like to know what he will do to help the country out of the massive spending problems which are threatening this nation's solvency and credit rating.

What will he do about the diminishing quality of health care when hospitals continue to close, and ObamaCare cannot care of anyone, since doctors refuse to receive Medicare patients and more professionals leave the profession.

I want a clean Santa Monica Bay, but does that mean no more economic development?

And what about the fate of our armed forces when they return state-side? Our veterans deserve better care than they are currently receiving, since the Brentwood VA is still being leased out in private sharing agreements instead of serving the men and women who fought for this country.

I wish that Santa Monicans would reconsider their Rent Control Board, as well. The management of housing prices does not belong to a limited panel of experts who cannot foresee the best use of the land, but rather to the free trade of proprietors and renters who can respond more effectively to the forces of supply and demand.

I think that Santa Monicans should be commended for setting up a service to help the homeless population in the city. But do we help the poor by impoverishing them with more dependence, or do we assist them with programs that emphasize drawing them away from a sense of shame and allow them to achieve a new name of grace and glory based on the skills that they have?

Santa Monicans, I know that there is an independent heart beat in your streets, named after every state in the United States. Prove your independence once again, demand that your Congressman responds to the issues which concern you most. Do not let Congressman Henry Waxman take you for granted any more.

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