Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ten Reasons to Remove Henry Waxman

With only two days left before the November 6th election, I would like to outline ten reasons why not to elect Congressman Henry Waxman to another term in office:

1. He has neglected the plight of our veterans, in which thousands live homeless and barely surviving while their intended home, the Brentwood VA, remains abandoned or leased out to private interests. This reason alone is reason enough to send Waxman packing for good:

2. While serving as chairman of the Oversight Committee then the House Energy and Commerce Committee, he did nothing to resolve two major complaints against the Clean Water Act, which are now bankrupting private property owners while preventing meaningful building and investment on private lands.

3. He opposes free speech, convinced that he does not have to honor questions from constituents who do not agree with his policies. Such is the arrogance of power, exacerbated by 38 years in office without a viable challenger.

4. Having no significant record to run on, Waxman reruns old achievements attack Big Tobacco and drafting legislation about clean water and clean air, yet even with these legislative achievements, our state and local civic leaders deserve the greater credit for our clean air and water, not a Congressman.

5. Congressman Waxman has a growing record of incompetence, form his ignorance of the steroid laws in this country while running hearings on steroid abuse in abuse in baseball, to his ignorance about the details in his own bill, to the fact that GM went bankrupt in 2009.

6. He was the chief author and cheerleader for ObamaCare, another unfunded entitlement which is creating the opposite of its intended effects, including the closure of hospitals, diminished access to health insurance, and increase in cost for health care. This law must be repealed, and Waxman will be one more roadblock to prevent this much needed repeal.

7. He has been in office for 38 years. He is the posterboy of electoral reform, term limits, and an enlightened citizenry keeping power of the many out of the hands of one. Enough already!

8. He has voted against every middle-class and working class tax cuts. For all the harping on increasing tax cuts on the rich, wouldn't it be nice to have a representative who will ease the tax burden for struggling Americans of every class?

9. He has advanced one set of policies, only to reverse his stance on these issues, including the Subway to the Sea along Wilshire Blvd. In the same interview, he contradicted himself on the most basic of issues, including the state of the economy and the enforcement power of his own "ObamaCare" bill.

10. The tepid endorsements that Waxman has received identify him as a Washington politician who relies on local votes to stay in power. This district deserves leadership that will respond to local needs, not personal gain. Waxman does not even live in the District anymore.

For morereasons to remove Waxman and elect Bill Bloomfield to replace him, please visit "" for more information.

End the 38-year tenure of Henry Waxman. On November 6th, Vote for Bill Bloomfield for the 33rd.

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