Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bill -- Get Out There!

To Bill Bloomfield, the candidate for the 33rdCongressional District:
Get out there! Waxman has done nothing to make his mark South of Dockweiler. Do not lie in wait, stop playing nice and easy.
I do not care if it's your style or not, you want to be the representative for this district, then you need to be aggressive and competitive.
If getting into arguments and making the case for a point of view which will have detractors, then why did you run for Congress?
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made the same argument -- why do people elect legislators and governors? To argue and hash things out  -- that's what we send them to do!
This district, this state, this country deserve better than Henry “The Taxman”Waxman. This man has cruised into office for too long on too easy a constituency. The voters want him out, and that's they way it needs to be.  Ignore the “Waxman Fanatics” who scream “Long Live Henry Waxman!” You have a campaign, a plan, a mission. You owe this district a victory against Waxman.
I met with one voter in Palos Verdes, a friend of yours who did not even know that you are running for Congress! Bill, put aside the modesty and win!
There is no excuse for your friends being out of the loop about your candidacy. Tell them that you are running.
You were a Republican and now an Independent: I don’t care. Henry Waxman cannot run on his record, and he cannot run from it, either: rejecting tax cuts, supporting handouts that impoverish instead of enrich, propping up failed green tech companies, bullying colleagues. Waxman is a disgrace. Voters North of Dockweiler will agree, if you tell them.
Waxman is no giant, Bill. Take the land, set the stage, get the word out to every Republican and every Independent and disaffected Democrats -- there is a real challenge to the challenged incumbent Henry Waxman, and that choice is Bill Bloomfield.

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