Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"No More Solyndras" Passes



The House of Representatives, the one chamber that is getting things done, including passing a budget, just passed the "No More Solyndras" Act.

Following the fallout from the Mainstream Media, which could no longer ignore the multiple green tech companies which went bankrupt, taking down in their financial failure billions of taxpayer dollars. Even KABC-7 put up an extensive spread on the hybrid vehicle industries which have American federal subsidies, only to spend the money hiring foreign workers in different countries. Even the companies which seem to be doing well are not using the funds as Congress had expected.

Green loan guarantees have been a non-starter from the beginning. The Obama Administration has been picking and choosing "winners" and "losers" over these subsidies. The whole matter should offend more people.

Reuters reported the following:

"This is not serious legislation, it's a political bill," said Henry Waxman, the top Democrat on the House Energy panel.

"They've been dancing on the grave of Solyndra for so long. Enough is enough," said Waxman, who blamed Chinese subsidies for the failure of Solyndra.

In another example of the rank hypocrisy, the ranking member of the House Energy Committee demonizes the party in power, yet how many times did "Bully Pulpit" Waxman manipulate hearings to intimidate CEOs and play for the camera? Waxman defines political theater, going out of his way earlier this year to snidely insinuate that the XL Keystone extension is rushing through the House because the Koch Brothers have "bought" so many Congressman.

How many interest groups have contributed to your coffers, Mr. Waxman?

Regarding "dancing on the grave of Solyndra", if Mr. Waxman is not careful, the voters in the 33rd Congressional District will be dancing on his political grave. This election will end of an unremarkable career in politics which epitomizes the worst about crass career politicians, including these unthinking and unfruitful loan guarantees.

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