Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letter to Mark Gibson, Independent Running for VA-11

Mr. Gibson:

Virginia might benefit from two key reforms which California voters had implemented in:

1. Enact an Open Primary System, in which only the top two vote getters move on from the primary to the general election, regardless of party affiliation.

2. Establish a Citizens' Redistricting Commission. By taking away state and congressional redistricting from the legislature and the politicians and giving the power to a balanced team of Republican, Democrat, and Independent citizens, the districts will respect geographical, cultural, and economic contiguities instead of political interests, thus creating more districts in which incumbents will have to compete for their seats.

The reforms have pushed incumbents out of politics or into very competitive races in California, while allowing Independent candidates such as yourself to compete and have a chance to win.

Please visit "Waxman Watch" -- for more information about the CA-33rd Congressional race pitting Independent and "No Labels" co-founder Bill Bloomfield against founded and foundering incumbent Henry Waxman.

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