Thursday, September 13, 2012

Waxman's Letter on Keystone Pipeline

Always Writing Letters --- No One is Reading

Congressman Waxman loves to issues letters.

As chairman of the Energy and then the Oversight Committee in the House, Waxman would dash of subpoenas against renegade corporations, business elites, and even members of the opposition, when they held sway in the Executive Mansion.

His latest target, the extension of the XL Keystone Pipeline, would bring in an unprecedented amount of oil into the United States, which would have "an impact" on climate change.

The old harangue about affecting the environment finds no rest and quiet with this man. He still insists that Republicans are denying science, while he still denies that debts, deficits, and government gridlock are commanding more concern with voters than the change in the weather.

Since he has been demoted to chief ranking member of the Energy Committee,  the Congressman sends out letters, now that he is bereft of the bully pulpit and the power to compel witnesses.

His reasons are not compelling, nor is his partisanship encouraging. Energy Committee Chairman Ed Whitfield already took him to task once for trying to distract committee members from a key vote on the XLKeystone Pipeline. Still, Waxman keeps writing those letters.

Letters that even the Obama Administration has no interest in returning or responding to.

Let's save the forests -- retire Waxman, and end the endless letters of reprisal and inquiry from a Congressman who has investigated much yet initiated all too little.

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